Tuesday, February 16, 2010

597. Snow-colored glasses

Will it ever stop? When is Spring? Too much snow. Too much cold.

Snowpocalypse - I like that one. First read it in a Facebook comment by Aneillo Alioto, formerly of Louisville, now residing in the Federal city.

I'll admit to not liking the cold. The walls of my old brick house - three bricks deep for the most part - have gotten cold and won't warm up til May or June. The temperature in two of the rooms hovers at 50 to 54. The living room and kitchen, on the other hand, stay in the 70s or even 80, given their natural-gas fired sources of heat. Still, it keeps me cold at night, which, if nothing else, does help me to sleep better.

But the snow - well, I still like it. We've had seven inches, then a few more, then some dusting, then four more, and now some more dusting, with a few more inches on the way. And it isn't ice like we had last year, with branches and electric lines falling with regularity. It's just snow. We often speak of the big snows when we were kids. Francois Villon, the fifteenth century French poet and vagabond wrote "Where are the snows of yester year?" Well, my friends, like David Rogers' 1973 play, they are "Here and Now." Enjoy the snow. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. For tomorrow starts Lent.

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