Friday, June 18, 2010

627. The Kentucky Democratic Party meets tomorrow

The State Central Executive Committee (SCEC) of the Kentucky Democratic Party (KDP) will be called into session tomorrow at 11:00 am. Typically, the members receive an agenda telling us the business to be discussed but that has not happened for this meeting. We have all received an email from Governor Steve Beshear informing us of his pick as the new chair of the Party, Dan Logsdon, presently a staffer in his office and the son of former Agriculture Commissioner Ed Logsdon. Mr. Logsdon's name had been circulated as the governor's choice for about two weeks. I'll add I've never met Mr. Logsdon nor do I ever recall his presence at the KDP headquarters on Democrat Drive in Frankfort.

Article VIII, Section D, Paragraph 1 of the KDP By-Laws provides that "If there is a sitting Democratic Governor or an elected Democratic Nominee for Governor, he or she may present an individual for consideration and vote to the State Central Committee." It has been my experience through the years that if the governor wants a particular person to be chair of the Party, we the members of the Committee are very likely to seat that person. I fully expect that to happen tomorrow.

But the by-law setting forth that situation provides for an interesting scenario. Presently, a campaign is being conducted by the sitting Democratic governor for his re-election. What would happen if he were challenged in 2011 and that challenger won the nomination? Who, then, would have the authority to "present an individual for consideration and vote to the State Central Committee" - the sitting Democratic governor or the elected Democratic nominee for governor? The current by-law isn't clear.

There is a reason why by-law amendments should be seriously and timely considered. Occasions arise without warning which aren't always covered by the existing by-laws, or occasions arise where there is no clear direction from the by-law, something which can and should be avoided.

Although there is no agenda for tomorrow's meeting, at the last meeting a proposed by-law amendment was presented and it was announced that that presentation served as the proper notice for that proposal to be heard and voted upon at the next meeting, which is tomorrow. I am hopeful that tomorrow's meeting will not be the simple ceremonial ratification of the governor's chair-appointee, but will also consider the business matters at hand, one of which is a by-law proposal from the last meeting.

All Democrats are welcome to attend the meeting.


Unrelated, today is the birthday of my oldest niece, Lindsey Shea Noble, who is now pushing her mid-20s. Happy Birthday Lindsey.

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