Wednesday, June 30, 2010

631. Election Day in the Sixth Council District

After seven hours and thirty-three ballots, all of which failed to produce a 13-vote majority, the Louisville Metro Council, on the 34th ballot, elected Dr. Deonte Jamar Hollowell to fill the vacancy in the Sixth Council District. The first thirty-three generally split between my friend Ken Herndon and attorney Neeka Thompson by a 12-11 margin in Ken's favor. After a second hour-long recess, the voting resumed about 10:15 pm with the compromise candidate, Dr. Hollowell, winning by a 17-7 margin over Ken Herndon. Dr. Hollowell, surprised and excited, arrived at the back door of City Hall where Councilman David Tandy and I were waiting to let him in since all the doors were secured several hours ago. After brief congratulations he made his way to the Council Chambers where he was promptly swore in by Jefferson Circuit Judge Barry Willett and took his seat on the Council. At 31, he is by far the youngest member of the Council. He is also a registered Independent, the first non-affiliated member of the Council. His term will end with the certification of the Special Election to be held to fill out the remainder of the term this November on General Election Day, November 2, 2010. The Democratic and Republican Parties' nominations committees will decide the partisan candidates. I suppose Dr. Hollowell could file as an Independent setting up an interesting race. In any event, the Metro Council is now back to being fully represented. Congratulations Dr. Hollowell, Sixth District Councilman for Louisville-Jefferson County Metro.

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