Thursday, August 5, 2010

639. Hot Weekend Plans

Other than the temperature, very little else will be hot.

Yesterday, for the first time since 1930, the temperature on August 4th exceeded 100 degrees. In 1930 the mercury climbed to 101. Yesterday, the official temperature reached 102 around 6 p.m. setting a new record. Later yesterday I cut my grass in anticipation of being away for a day or two. Hopefully I lost a few ounces as homage to the sun and the heat.

More homage to the heat and the sun will be paid this weekend in Fancy Farm where the temperature is always five degrees warmer than anything we experience in Louisville. I can't remember a comfortable day in recent history. Seems like it rained in 1999 or 2000. I remember there was lots of towing out of that back lot that year. But most of that is paved now, adding to the heat from the asphalt.

I usually park "up in town" which is to say about 1000 feet away toward the west and away from the school, where the famous political picnic is held, actually a typical Catholic Church summer picnic benefitting Saint Jerome Parish is western Graves County. Now, to be honest, I don't go to Fancy Farm to hear the speeches. You pretty much know what everyone is going to say. With Rand Paul aboard this year, that may not be the case. He tends to say and do things that most politicians wouldn't. And I'm sure my candidate for the United States Senate won't be quite as "tough" as he was last summer. If McConnell is present, I will listen to him even if I won't agree with anything he says. His speeches usually have plays on words which draw people into a wrong conclusion and when he has them wrapped there's the "pow" catching them off guard. He is pretty good at it, so a little theater amidst the heat is appreciated. The truth is it is all theater, as far as that stage behind the old school is concerned. All the world's a stage, et cetera, et cetera, as the Bard once wrote.

The real reason to go - and my seven faithful readers have read this before - is the food. Food, glorious food! The "main event" at Fancy Farm is the dinner prepared and served in the Knights of Columbus Hall, which is even further back in the field behind the speaker's stand. Served "country style" there is no finer dinner plate on earth on the first Saturday in August. Anything and everything you want, freshly cooked, with appropriate bits of ham, bacon, grease, salt, and pepper already cooked in southern style. Thanks be to God. The dinner at the K of C begins around 11 and the line grows long quickly and there is little respite from the heat until you get into the little hallway leading to the big hall where all the fixins are a-waiting.

But the K of C dinner is only one of several opportunities to eat, although it is decidedly the best one. Earlier in the day is a breakfast over in Mayfield with pancakes, ham, bacons, and fresh sliced tomatoes which makes the meal. This is a partisan affair for Democrats only although members from the Dark Side of the Aisle have a similar event across town.

The truth is the events start today and run through Saturday night. Tomorrow night are several different opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry, all taking place along the shores of Kentucky Lake, formed by the damming of the Tennessee River [see the dam at right]. I'll be at quite a few.

Enjoy the weekend.

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