Sunday, August 8, 2010

642 preview

I'll write more later.

Briefly, as I said, there was food involved.

Also, once the speeches began I was inclined to go play Bingo. Instead I listened to several at the beginning. And I was very, very impressed with Jack Conway's. He didn't sound defensive or mad or bothered, which he often does. He was enthusiastic, upbeat, optimistic, and clear. Clear in that he is the easily and unquestionably the leader Kentucky needs for the future - the long future. I cannot say enough how pleased I was.

After the speeches that I wanted to hear were heard, I took to the roads.

Later I'll talk about Fulton, Union City, Tiptonville, Island #10, the New Madrid Bend, and the ride back. And Reelfoot Lake, too.

For the moment, I'm headed to Mass at Saint Peter's Episcopal Church in Gilbertsville, a few blocks west of Kentucky Dam Village in Marshall County.

Have a good day.

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