Saturday, August 7, 2010

641. Day Two from the Purchase, briefly

First, a quick run-down of last night. The Bean Soup at the 15th Annual Marshall County Bean Soup Supper was really, really, good. This is an improvement on years past. The cornbread muffins were sweet-cakes, which isn't the type of cornbread I like to crumble up in my soup, but still it was all good, including a slice of yellow watermelon which came with the meal.

After the bean soup supper, there were parties along Executive Drive, home to the cabins facing Kentucky Lake. I spent time at two of them - first, a party site for Marty Meyer and other Democrats running for the State Senate along I-65. Four of them shared the spotlight. I got the chance to speak with two guys I read a lot - Joe Sonka and Jonathan Meador. I had met Sonka before - I even have one of his Barefoot and Progressive coffee cups on my desk back in Louisville. I had informative chats with both. Standing in the background and listening closely was anotheer writer, Ryan Clouse, although we never spoke.

At one point I walked with two friends down to Eddie Jacobs' cabin where the more-or-less official unofficial Democratic Party party was taking place. I ate - something you do every where, and had a couple of softdrinks. The crowd there kept getting bigger and bigger, and at some point I went back to the Meyer cabin. After a long conversation with State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach and his assistant Tom Scally, who was a dormmate of mine at UK back in the fall semester of 1978, I decided to call it a night. It was about 11 which was late for me, but I am sure everyone else was out til well into the morning.

Today's events include the Graves County breakfast in Mayfield, followed by the Fayette County brunch, also in Mayfield, followed by the K of C dinner (at lunchtime) in Fancy Farm, followed by the speeches, and assuredly more food.

The weather is hot and humid, surprise, surprise.

More later.

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