Friday, January 21, 2011

673. A Full Moon and a Hidden Location Winner

There a big beautiful pizza-pie style moon hanging out about 1/3 the way up in the sky somewhere over Fisherville or maybe even Finchville. It is a cold clear night like this which makes me wish I lived somewhere off KY44 or KY248 out by Taylorsville Lake, where I'm sure that moon is as bright as the sun.


We have a (new) winner in the Hidden Location game. All the previous locations have been identified by Marty Meyer, with one exception to that rule, which was identified by Curtis Morrison.

But now we have a new player and winner, my friend Joanna Erny. She correctly identifed the snowy downtown location as 8th Street looking north toward Main.

On the left is the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory and on the right an old historic building recently occupied by the Louisville-Jefferson County Revenue Commission. For one term, from 1999 to 2002, I was a Louisville-Jefferson County Revenue Commissioner. It is also sometimes called the Louisville Opera Building. It is presently undergoing extensive renovation.

Across Main Street, on the northeast corner, you can see the Alexander Building, the top floor of which is a penthouse apartment where political shindigs are held now and then. In the background is the federal government's 1960s gift to Louisville's waterfront, Interstate 64, the "64" part of 86-64, a grassroots effort to rid the waterfront of its overhead expressway and create instead a parkway setting. Hope springs eternal for that.

We'll have a new Hidden Location soon for our seven faithful readers to work on.

Congratulations Joanna on your win.

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