Monday, January 3, 2011

Hidden Location #8

Once again Marty Meyer correctly identified the hidden location, the latest one being the 800 block of East Chestnut Street. I'm not sure how he got that one so quickly, but so he did, and he did so quickly enough for Curtis Morrison to accuse him of satellite-tracking me or something. For those not familiar with this block, it is best visited in late April when the dogwoods are in bloom. This is one of the prettiest blocks in downtown Louisville - actually in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood - when those pink blossoms show up. The old Ursuline Academy is partially pictured on the right. My Aunt Judy Whalen Noble was an Ursuline graduate.

Below is a new location. Not as difficult, I don't think, but then, apparently none of them have been too difficult.


Anonymous said...

You almost had me stumped on that one. It's on Cardinal Drive along Audubon Golf Course.

JeffNClifton said...

Marty: how in the hell do you recognize every block of every street in Jefferson County?

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