Friday, March 23, 2007

72. It's A Start

The bill written about in entry #71 passed the United States House of Representatives today by a vote of 218 to 212. Roll Call Vote #186 on HR 1591 passed at 12:43 pm, Washington time. My congressman John Yarmuth joined with his neighbors in Indiana-8, Brad Ellsworth of Evansville, and Indiana-9, Baron Hill of Seymour (who represents Jeffersonville, Clarksville, and New Albany) in voting Yes. Congressman Ben Chandler, of Kentucky's 6th, also voted Yes.

Kentucky's war-mongering Republicans in the Congress stayed the course with George Bush in voting No. Fourteen Democrats also voted No, while two Republicans voted Yes. The two Republicans were Congressman Walter Jones, of North Carolina's 3rd (basically the Outer Banks counties) and Congressman Wayne Gilchrist, of Maryland's 1st District, representing the Chesapeake Bay area (including one of my favorite destinations, Ocean City).

It's a start.

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Nick Stump said...

I was glad to see Yarmuth voting yes. He's showing wisdom here. The bill may not have everything the far left wants, but if nothing else it's a first step and most importantly, shows Democrats are ready to lead. Very proud of Yarmuth here. I know he may have had to set aside some concerns to make this vote, but he sure made the right one.
We needed this bill and it's the very first serious stake in the heart of this current administration. Good for Yarmuth and Chandler.

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