Friday, September 18, 2009

542. KDP SCEC - Odd Timing

Tomorrow is Saturday, the day the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville are playing football. Chances are that a lot of people have plans. You would think it would be an odd day to schedule a meeting. Would it be any odder than scheduling one on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday?

The last meeting of the Kentucky Democratic Party State Central Executive Committee was on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. The next meeting is tomorrow, just ahead of the UK / U of L football game. I'm sure every one's minds will be clear.

I've been a member of the Committee since 2004, saving three months last summer. One of the things I have often pushed for is a change in the State By-Laws that would prohibit one person, a legislative district chair in Jefferson or Fayette counties, from having the unilateral power to name a replacement or Special Election candidate in certain instances. For several years I have been strongly opposed in this change by Jefferson County Party Chair Tim Longmeyer and former State Party Chair Jennifer Moore.

I have never understood why they believed in such an un-democratic system as letting one person hold so much power. Not only is it un-democratic, it is also rather un-Democratic, being disrespective of the big and open tent Party. Back in February 2008, rather than allow a discussion of the matter, they adjourned the meeting instead. Very professional move; they told me I could take it up in the next term, assuming I got re-elected. They then worked to make sure I did not get re-elected.

Well, I did get elected, sort of. And someone in this term, not me, has decided that my idea was worth hearing. And, I've learned that Longmeyer has now changed his mind and is beginning to be a little more democratic in how he feels on this measure. Jennifer Moore is no longer Chair so I'm not worried about her vote, although I am sure she can still influence a handful in her place.

I can only say, it is about time.

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