Saturday, September 26, 2009

547. Another Update and Wet Weekend News

First, my father is doing better, feeling better, looking better as far a coloring goes, and is eating good and taking his medicine on a regular schedule, something they make you do in a hospital that he thinks is optional at home.

My mother is enjoying his stay in the hospital as she gets a short rest. Despite 45 years of divorce, she still takes care of him. I appreciate all the emails and calls asking about him. He will likely go home on Monday or Tuesday.


Just came in from the NuLu Festival down on East Market Street. They should call it the East Market Festival. NuLu sounds goofy. They tried SoBro a few years back in the area between Old Louisville and Downtown but most people still call that the area between Old Louisville and Downtown. Five years from I expect the area the elitists call NuLu will commonly be known as the East Market Street Corridor, which is how most people refer to it. We just don't do those SoHo type names here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606.

The festival ended in a downpour with 40 mph winds. I was working a booth with Jamiel Martin and his girlfriend. We had to beat the 40 mph winds taking the booth down before we flew away like Mary Poppins and her umbrella. It was eerily like the Fairdale Parade in 2008, except that that storm came at 2 in the afternoon, not 9 at night. At least we could see. But, the festival had lots of cool ideas, themed around the new theology of green and clean. There was a booth for the Botanica Gardens, planned for River Road and Frankfort Avenue, something I want to learn more about. I ate panini from The Bodega, an East Market bodega, hence the name. Actually the name is from a Spanish word for apothecary, which is slightly a different idea. The word boutique is etymologically the same word and if you squint, you can see the similarity in their spellings: bo-de-ga, bou-ti-que. Ok, maybe not.

While at the fest I saw Stuart P., my favorite, who was with his parents; we all had a good chat. Ran into Kiran Bhatraju, Chris Poynter (who showed me the radar of the storm on his Blackberry), Marty Meyer, the Lindauers, Brandon C., and a bunch of other people including two candidates for mayor, one of which I am supporting. The other remains a friend but the meeting was admittedly (and unfortunately) awkward. Also saw Jonathan Hurst of all people. He was with three young ladies. Again the party ended in a downpour in which I walked the three blocks back to my house. I haven't walked that far in a downpour in a long time and it occurred to me not to be in a hurry - slow down, enjoy the walk and the freedom of being dripping wet from head to toe and not really being concerned over it. Almost like being a kid again.

That's all for now.

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