Wednesday, September 30, 2009

548. Over The Hump

My father was discharged from the hospital at lunchtime. Hopefully, like my little car for which I had to buy a new battery last week, his stay in the hospital has him recharged for a few more years of arguing with me about left-wing politics (which he does not like), the Christian Right (which is does not like), modern culture (which he does not like), Barack Obama (who he does not like), George Bush (who he does not like), the Moral Majority (which he does not like), the value of the US Dollar (which he does not like), the growing trade deficit (which he does not like), most protesters regardless of the issue (which he does not like), the maleffects of growing older (which he really, really do not like), or a good juicy homegrown tomoato (which he absolutely does like). As long as he is in an argumantative mood, I know his health is improving. So, we are over the hump with this episode.

Tomorrow, with the start of the 4th Quarter - those who fill out KREF and FEC forms know about this - I will hopefully get the blog back on the road. Thanks again to all who have called or emailed as to my father's health. He will be 70 one month from now. I think he will make it.

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Anonymous said...

Jeff: Congratulations on your birthday, and best wishes for your father's continued recovery. He sounds like my kinda guy.

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