Tuesday, November 24, 2009

567. Snow

Longtime readers of the blog - all six of you - are probably aware that falling snow has a tendency to get me all excited. So far this year that hasn't happened. We've usually had some of the white stuff at least blowing around here and there by this date in the calendar. Not this year.

Back in October I published Dick Frymire's weather predictions. We've passed three of his "event" dates, all three of which lacked the event. He called for a frost on October 1 which didn't happen. He called for a killing frost on October 30, which also didn't happen, but it did get very cold through the night of the 31st and into the 1st of November, but not below freezing. He also called for flurries on the 15th. To be honest I was in sunny San Antonio on the 15th, but I'm pretty sure no flurries visited on the 15th here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606. The next date on Frymire's calendar is Friday, November 27, when he calls for one inch of snow. Some local forecasters are calling for snow although none seem to think we'll have an inch - just some flurries.

Whether flurries or real snow, I'm ready.

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