Friday, November 27, 2009

568. Happy Day After - that sounds better than Black Friday

Today is the Friday that the snow flurries were supposed to sweep into town. Didn't happen. In fact, although it is about 36 degrees right now, it is supposed to get up to 50 before the day is through.

But, yesterday, for a few fleeting moments, I did see the white stuff from my view at a dining room table in Bullitt County where I celebrated Thanksgiving. I wasn't over the river and through the woods as the Salt River lays about 1/4 mile south of where I was. It was my friend Jessie's birthday and she invited me to spend Thanksgiving with her family - parents, grandparents, and cousins. There was a little [actually a lot] of everything to eat - much of it homegrown - along with wine, mint tea, and good coffee to drink, and pumpkin and derby pie as dessert. I was one of eleven seated around a huge formal dining table and opposite me, over the head of one of Jessie's cousins, was a window to the outside world, one facing north into acres and acres of farmland - some presently laying fallow - and off in the distance a horse or two making their way in and out of a small stable. There was a bird feed stand - one of those on a huge hook. All kinds of birds kept flittering off and on the stand amid an ongoing battle for territory between two squirrels and one big bluebird. For one brief moment, maybe forty seconds, I saw it. The glorious flakes of white stuff falling from the heavens - not manna - snow. I edged my way into whatever conversation was ongoing and mentioned the snow, but by that time it had turned to rain. It was a brief encounter but I will count it as the first snowfall I've seen this season.

All in all, a very pleasant Thanksgiving Day.

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