Sunday, November 1, 2009

Surprise Birthday

November 1st is my father's birthday - his 70th in a series. The entry title is a bit of dark humor. Attaining the age of 70 (and entering his 71st year) has been something of a struggle for my dad, a surprise of sorts that he wasn't anticipating. While for some time he has not been in the best of health, his mind is fine and his attitude about turning an unhealthy 70 is par for him - he told me last night, "this getting old is no good at all" he said with a dry laugh. I reminded him I was none too happy about it either - I'll be 50 the next time I celebrate a birthday, to which he responded, "damn, are you that old?"

So, for my Dad on his 70th birthday, Happy Birthday Old Man. Grow old and prosper.

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