Sunday, November 29, 2009

569. Who will be the 60,000th visitor to the site?

Sometime today or tomorrow, we will cross another of those thresholds, this one the 60,000th visitor. I'm prepared with some rainbow sherbet and ginger ale to celebrate. I don't really have a post today - just noticed the numbers. So, if you're hanging around here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606 if the next few hours, check the number counter. I'm curious as to who is visiting. I'll take off the comment moderation device and make a request that for a few days people leave a message in the comment section. Tell me who you are and where you are from. Even if you don't use a real name, that is ok. I just want to know.

Thanks. All 60,000 of you. Even the repeaters. Even the six faithful readers.
-- Jeff


Curtis Morrison said...

Hey Jeff. Remember when I was just a Hoosier and you first enlightened me to the fundamental 502 principle: "In Louisville, when people ask where you went to school...they're talking about high school."

Anonymous said...

I'm #59,977. You don't know me but we have met. You were campaigning for John Yarmuth. I told you I lived in Bullitt County but you insisted saying that if I lived in Bullitt County, that I certainly knew people in Jefferson. I didn't bother to tell you I was for Northup - you were hopeless.

Then later on I accidentally found your blog. I read the blog alot. We don't agree on anything politically but I love the road trips. I've heard of all these Kentucky places but never been to many. I have to admit I even enjoyed the Obama inauguration posts. Thanks for the travels.

DMM, Lebanon Junction, KY.

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Never married, liberal Democrat, born in 1960, opinionated but generally pleasant, member of the Episcopal Church. Graduate of Prestonia Elementary, Durrett High, and Spalding University; the first two now-closed Jefferson County Public Schools, the latter a very small liberal arts college in downtown Louisville affiliated with the Roman Catholic Sisters of Charity of Nazareth. My vocation and avocation is politics. My favorite pastime is driving the backroads of Kentucky and southern Indiana, visiting small towns, political hangouts, courthouses, churches, and cemeteries. You are welcome to ride with me sometime.