Wednesday, January 6, 2010

584. We're an incestuous bunch

So to speak.

I'm speaking of blogs and their readers. I'm both a blog writer and a blog reader. And like many of you, I jump from one blog to the next, coursing through about 20 different ones that I read most everyday. You may not read that many, but based on statistics gathered by my people-countering meters (shown in the right-side column), many of you come here from one blog and then leave here for another.

So it was yesterday when I had my highest page-visit number since right after Barack Obama's historic election and John Yarmuth's record-setting re-election in November 2008. Maybe it was the handsome photo of the Queen's grandson. Maybe not.

A total of 165 people stopped by the blog and at least 28 of them read more than one page. Honestly, as long as my six faithful readers keep reading, I'm happy. But, I'm glad to have the rest that came by yesterday. Hopefully, they (you) will come back. Today's posting is simply about the visits. Tomorrow's will probably be about snow - and maybe what the governor does or doesn't say tonight in his State of the Commonwealth address, likely to be an exercise is dark tragedy.

I must acknowledge the primary reason I got all the visitors yesterday. Jacob Payne, who writes PageOneKentucky, included a link to my blog in his morning posting, making reference to my entry on the lieutenant governor question. It was the very last bullet of his multi-bulleted entry which proves that people do in fact read all the way to the end. Or maybe they just read the first two or three and the last two or three. In any event, 87 of the 165 visits yesterday, came directly from PageOneKentucky and that link in his blog.

Among them were visits from Squier Knapp & Dunn Media in DC, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, Bluegrass Healthcare Systems, three different state universities here in Kentucky, and more than a few people who work for an entity whose website ends in I had visits from some new places - Baltimore, MD; Dexter, MO; Memphis, TN; Labelle, FL; Medford, MA; Ogden, UT; and Bothell, WA. And, as I said, alot came over from one blog, then left to yet another blog. As I said, we can be very incestuous.

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