Friday, January 8, 2010

586. Sarah

Sarah. You remember her - she used to be John McCain's running mate; she also used to be governor of Alaska; and, Levi Johnston's girlfriend's mother. Now she is coming to Kentucky - to Louisville no less to some affair at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, which, like Louisville's once great newspaper, is only a shadow of its former role as being predominant in its field.

Former Governor Palin is coming to town on April 16th. Interesting date. April 16th happens to be the last day of the next reporting period for Kentucky candidates to file reports with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. They are due at 11:59 pm that night.

My guess is one or another of the local and state Republican candidates will make an attempt to capitalise (in more ways than one) on the former governor's appearance here in the Commonwealth. There seems to be a civil war of sorts going on on that side of the political aisle. Both Bill Johnson and Rand Paul claim to be the "real" conservative in the race - which means both are claiming that not only is the other an imposter, but that Trey Grayson isn't even being considered as a part of the scenario in "who can out-conservative the other" when it comes to being a good Kentucky Republican. Locally, the person who would have most likely called on the former governor for some credibility-cash, Marilyn Parker, recently withdrew from her quixotic race against Congressman Yarmuth. Maybe Chris Theinemann sees an opening here - who knows.

I just don't think the former governor coming to town on what happens to be the last day of a reporting period is a coincidence. In politics, nothing is coincidental. Some things are mistakes, but most things are as coordinated and choreographed as a well planned Loews and Lerner musical. I'm sure the former governor's visit will be a grand exercise in theater - and fundraising. Oh yeah, she's selling a book, too.

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Anonymous said...

Endorsements are (should be) earned, not bought. Which ever candidate reflects the core values of the endorsing individual should stand on merit.
Common courtesy teaches that one is invited to the table. One doesn't invite oneself.

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