Thursday, January 7, 2010

585. Snow

I promised I'd comment on either the governor's State of the Commonwealth address or the weather. The weather is much more pleasant. Not pleasant in temperature, just subject matter.

My six faithful readers know that I like the snow. It is snowing now although the flakes are very powdery and I don't think we're going to see any epic snowfall. As is the norm, Jefferson County Public Schools remained opened while all our surrounding counties closed. We are getting just enough to empty the shelves at Kroger.

When I went early this morning to the store at Second and Breckinridge streets, there was no wheat bread, no skim milk, and no hamburger. So, I have white bread, 2% milk, and ground chuck instead. We'll have a hot time in the kitchen tonight cooking up a pot of chili - the one thing I know how to cook - that should last through the forecasted cold weather for the next few days.

One more note - my brother came over last night with a blowtorch and an aircompressor, and after some work in my cellar, restored running water to my house after a three day absence.

Life is good. Thanks Be To God.

[The picture at the top was taken this morning by Mike Slaton at Louisville's Joe Creason Park, on Trevilian way between Illinois Avenue and Newburg Road]

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