Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hidden Location #11

Here it is. I have two supplementary photos which may be added if Marty doesn't figure this one out right away. Leave comments. Unrelated, the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday in Pennsylvania, according to the official media. Spring is en route.


Anonymous said...

What you didn't show in this pic is one of my fav houses in the Phoenix Hill Neighborhood. Which is across the street and a house or two closer to Baxter. That building has the most beautiful wrought iron balcony, reminds me of New Orleans in some ways. your pic was taken on Hull St, I used to live briefly on Hull but on the other side of Baxter a few doors down from the old Quonset Hut. They sold ice cream and concrete statues.

Curtis Morrison said...

While that sounds right, I was thinking the 1400 block of Christy Av.

Anonymous said...

I think Anon. is correct . That house was a ships captain`s home if i remember correctly, been to many great Thunder parties there.from the front of the house you can look thru the big four bridge.jim h

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