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HL Thirteen Answers and a Thought

Hidden Location #13 wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it might be. Marty Meyer and Patrick C rang in within thirty seconds of each other, with Marty's answer being posted first - Stevenson Avenue headed uphill from Mellwood to William and Arlington. Yes, that is Kaviar Forge on the left as Curtis Morrison points out.

Curtis also correctly identified the 100 block of Haldeman, adding an extraneous North, unnecessary and incorrect, but we won't take points off. The 100 block, north or south, at this point in the city, is divided by the railroad track. I appreciate the additional information Curtis provided on the location.

This latter group of new homes I found last year during the Easter Parade down Frankfort Avenue. I revisited the area late last fall in search for a particular building which was seen in a Todd Lally for Congress commercial. It was my initial belief that the building outside which he was standing was the one opposite the end of Weiss Place, another part of the infill construction of which Mr. Morrison spoke. Further research revealed that building to be the old Ehrler's Dairy operation on Belmar Drive, which had closed in the mid 1990s. We never quite figured out what Mr. Lally believed to be Congressman Yarmuth's involvement in Ehrler's decision to close the building nearly a decade before John took office. But, I digress.

We'll have another Hidden Location soon. I'm also thinking about writing an entry compiling some comments from a few Facebook friends and non-friends who seem to find fault with every step our new mayor has taken during his lengthy term in office, so far a total of forty-nine days. Given some of their rhetoric, you'd think he'd served as long as, say, President Mubarak of Egypt. Forty-nine days, though, is the current mark.

Well, at least I am thinking about it - I may not actually post it. These are folks who have every reason to be upset with the mayor as none of them supproted him. Of course, I've supported candidates who never made it through the Primary before. The following is a list of my first choices for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States of America during my thirty-three years of voting:

Kennedy, Jackson, Simon, Brown, Clinton, no clear choice, Dean, Dodd.
You may notice I got a total of one ultimate nominee correct, the 1996 re-election bid by Bill Clinton. But, as part of my loss, I did not make it my duty to trash everything the victors did, if they were successful in the November race. That sounds like something Mitch McConnell might say with regard to the current president's agenda for 2011 and 2012. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive since I've been described as part of the Fischer protectorate. Maybe.

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Curtis Morrison said...

I think it would be more than fair for you to address your thoughts on "those troublemakers" that find fault with Mayor Fischer's forty-nine days of power. I do not speak for all the mayor's critiques, but here are my priorities:

#1 His out the door, co-mingling of political campaign funds with city funds to produce an inauguration festival, the ostentation of which should embarrass any true Democrat.
#2 My specific emailed inquiry regarding the financing of said festival (see #1) was IGNORED by the mayor, after he introduced to us a Citizen's Bill of Rights that promised to respect inquiries of this nature. I may be wrong on this, but I'm looking at his Bill of Rights now and they appear to be edited since my inquiry, but we'll save that for another day. While the AG office won't be pursuing the inaugural financing issue, I haven't heard yet from the KY Board of Elections or the Registry of Election Finance.

#3 Having the audacity to negotiate privately with Beshear & Daniels to amend the ORBP's record of decision after running on a platform that the record of decision could not be amended. I guess what he meant was the ORBP couldn't be amended by "common people?"
#4 Surrendering to Todd Blue & putting Whiskey Row at risk of demolition, without even listening to what the preservationist-community had to say first. (I just remembered how outraged Fischer was when our poor community was "ambushed overnight" by Heiner's position on the assignment plan because we weren't "consulted first.")
It's my belief that our good mayor has a yet-to-be-disclosed conflict of interest in this transaction that could eventually lead to his demise.
#5 Promising the LGBT-community he'd testify in Frankfort for Statewide Fairness, and now he's elected, crickets...

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