Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hidden Location #13 - Choice of two

I was sitting in my meeting today when I received a text from Marty Meyer telling me that if I had posted a new picture, he could have been figuring it out while in attendance at his meeting.

For the record, he was seated next to me.

Below are two pictures - two different streets although, honestly, not that far apart. One picture looks uphill while the other looks down. Where are they?

What goes up . . . .

Must come down.

I'm pretty sure there were no blue Volvo wagons around this time.


Anonymous said...

1st one is Stevenson Ave looking from Mellwood. On to the 2nd one.

Patrick C said...

Ha...that first one is a hill heading down to Mellwood. Is it Stevenson? My friends and I tried to jump our cars over that thing when we only had half a brain.

Curtis Morrison said...

Anonymous and Patrick C are correct on the first image. It's the 100 block of Stevenson Avenue. Kaviar Forge is there on the left.

The second image was a bit trickier, but not impossible as it's obviously an infill development and we haven't really done much of that in this city. The red house is distinctive not only for it's color but for the later addition pop-out of that bay window that wasn't originally on it. It was sold newly constructed by the Miter Construction Company in April of 2008 for $199,000. Sadly, I doubt they could fetch that today. The house to it's right had sold new for $165,000 and has since resold for the same amount. Oh yeah, sorry-
the 100 block of Haldeman Avenue. Sorry Marty! :-P

JeffNClifton said...

downhill is N. Haldeman Street.

JeffNClifton said...

DD Williamson rising up over the dead end

JeffNClifton said...

*oops* I didn't read Curt's post.

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