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733. The 138th Kentucky Derby and twelve other races

Being a born-and-raised Kentuckian, I, like all Kentuckians - and especially those from Louisville and Lexington - have become something of an expert of horse racing, an affliction which happens every year around the First Saturday in May, a High Holy Day in Louisville, wherein will take place the 138th Kentucky Derby, the eleventh race on a card of thirteen.

Tomorrow - weather permitting - we've had some hellacious weather the last few days - 150,000 or so patrons of the Sport of Kings will descend upon Churchill Downs for an afternoon of fun, frolic, and figuring out a racing sheet. That's where this entry comes in. I've made my predictions - bets which I may make in each of tomorrow's races. My bet of choice is the Exacta Box, where you pick two horses, either one of which will finish first and the other one second. There are many other "exotic" type bets but this is my favorite. So, if you haven't decided on your bets tomorrow, print this post and carry it with you to the track. You just might come home winner. Or, maybe you won't - remember the people at Churchill Downs are capitalists and the idea is for you to leave with them having taken possessions of your money. I'm offering you a chance to at least have a few bucks for a tank of gas to get you back on the interstates and out of Louisville by sun-up on Sunday.

Race 1 - 1 1/16 miles for 3 year olds - #1 Point Taken and #5 Politicallycorrect.

Race 2 - 6 furlongs for 3 year olds and older - #5 Easy Vice and #6 Hamiltonian.

Race 3 - 1 1/16 miles for 3 year olds - #10 Windsurfer and #1 Skyking.

Race 4 - 1 1/16 miles for 3 year olds and up on the Turf - #1 Southern Anthem and #5 Vertiformer.

Race 5 - 7 furlongs for 3 year olds - #3 Mile High Magic and #13 Adena's Choice. There will no doubt be a number of Exacta Boxes honoring the Kentucky Wildcat Basketball 2012 NCAA Champions, boxing #5 Big Blue Nation with #7 Devoted Wildcat.

Race 6 - The Twin Spires Turf Sprint - 5 furlongs for 4 year olds and up - #4 Bridgetown and #10 Great Mills.

Race 7 - 7 furlongs for 4 year olds and up - #4 Shackleford and #8 Will's Wildcat.

Race 8 - The Churchill Distaff Turf - 1 mile for 4 year olds and up - this is one you can make some money on - #6 (and the longshot) Annabel Lee and #3 Marketing Mix.

Race 9 - 7 furlongs for 4 year olds and up - #8 Musical Romance and #4 Salty Strike.

Race 10 - 1 1/8 miles for 4 year olds and up on the Turf - #4 Get Stormy and #5 Slim Shadey.

Race 11 - The 138th Kentucky Derby, ran continously on the track at Churchill Downs every year since 1875 - I'm offering two bets here, the first for the conservative better (me) and the second for the less-conservative better - #4 Union Rags and #8 Creative Cause. This is a bet I've already made. The exotic for this race is #19 I'll Have Another and #16 El Padrino. I've made this one as well.

Race 12 - 6 1/2 furlongs - 3 year olds and up - #11 Enclosure and #5 Da Price

Race 13 - 1 mile for 3 year olds and up - there is an entry in this race where two horses are paired up and bet under one number. I always bet entries, so #1 and #1A Dynamical and Moon Traveler and #3 Grand Contender.


I'll be out of town for the race and may end up at Keeneland in Fayette County, something I did last year. We'll check back on Sunday and see who took my advice and was a winner.

Happy Derby!

By the way, what is the name of the horse in the picture? This should be easy.

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