Saturday, May 5, 2012

733 addendum - How did I do?

Not very well.  None of my Exacta Bets would have been cashed.  I did get half of the entry here and there, but not enough to write about.  Although, that is exactly what I am doing - writing about it, because that's what I do.

So, below will be my prediction and the actual winners.  My choices, if in the money, will be bolded.

Race 1 - My choices - Point Taken and Politicallycorrect.  The winning Exacta ticket was Atigun and Politicallycorrect.

Race 2 - My choices - Easy Vice and Hamiltonian.  The winning Exacta ticket was Big Ring and Vasten.

Race 3 - My choices - Windsurfer and Skyking.  The winning Exacta ticket was Skyking and Golden Ticket.

Race 4 - My choices - Southern Anthem and Vertiformer.  The winning Exacta ticket was Night Party and The Program.

Race 5 - My choices - Mile High Magic and Adena's Choice. The winning Exacta ticket was Macho Macho and Thelmal Cat.

Race 6 - My choices - Bridgetown and Great Mills.  The winning Exacta ticket was Great Attack and Bridgetown.

Race 7 - My choices - Shackleford and Will's Wildcat.  The winning Exacta ticket was Shackleford and Amazombie.

Race 8 - My choices - Annabel Lee and Marketing Mix.  The winning Exacta ticket was Hungry Island and Tapitsfly.

Race 9 - My choices - Musical Romance and Salty Strike.  The winning Exacta ticket was Groupie's Doll and Musical Romance.

Race 10 - My choices - Get Stormy and Slim Shadey.  The winning Exacta ticket was Little Mike and Slim Shadey.

Race 11 - My choices - (I offered two sets) - Union Rags and Creative Cause - and - I'll Have Another and El Padrino.  The winning Exacta ticket was I'll Have Another and Bodemeister.

Race 12 - My choices - Enclosure and Da Price.  The winning Exacta ticket was Bet The Power and Shrill.

Race 13 - My choices - the entry of Dynamical and Moon Traveler with Grand Contender.  The winning Exacta ticket was Mr. Ticket and Dynamical.

So, to recap, of the 29 horses I expected to be in the money, 8 of them were.  In baseball, I'd be batting .276, not all that shabby in my book.  And, this was my book.

Happy Derby and congratulations to I'll Have Another with jockey Mario Gutierrez aboard, pictured at the top, on their win in the 138th Kentucky Derby.

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