Sunday, May 27, 2012

736. Prayers of the People

I've been reading prayers at church for many years.  I did so at my former church, Holy Family, and began doing so at my current church even before I was technically a member.  However, at Holy Family I was reading prayers prepared by others.  On a few occasions, I balked at what I was asked to read and took the liberty of emending the prayers from the lectern.  That is not the case at Advent, where I am reading prayers I have written.

Because this blog tends to be a repository of some of my writing I thought it would be appropriate to re-post the prayers over here.

In the Episcopal Church, the Prayers of the People are read each Sunday.  The Book of Common Prayer offers several "forms" to follow but also allows for some diversion away from these forms.  At Advent, there is a rotation of several prayer writers and readers.  We all follow the forms to a point but add our own writing talents and styles to the petitions.

It is my intention to post here on the blog all of the Prayers I have written over time.  They will be numbered with the letter P followed by a number.  I do not know how many I've written.  I'm still gathering them up.  Following this entry will be the first set, written for the Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, 2009.  As a note, tomorrow, or technically today since it is after midnight, is the Day of Pentecost for 2012.

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