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P1. The Seventh Sunday after Pentecost, July 19, 2009


As God has called us to be his daughters and sons, we now call upon him with our needs and concerns, responding, By Your Grace, Hear Our Prayer.

1) We pray for our Advent Church family, for Bishop Ted, for Fr. Tim, for the Vestry, for the ministries for ourselves and those in need, seeking to answer God’s call to be his children; we pray for his guidance when we are deciding who it is we will serve, why it is we believe, and how it is that others know we are children of God; By Your Grace, Hear Our Prayer.

2) We pray for the church of all believers in the risen Christ, praying for and with our fellow Anglicans in the Church of Pakistan, our Episcopal family at Grace Church Hopkinsville, and our neighbors in the Highland Community Ministries at Highland Baptist Church; asking God to lead each of these bodies to the realization that whoever we are, in whatever place whether of power or poverty, we have all been called children of God; By Your Grace, Hear Our Prayer.

3) We pray for the leaders of the world, especially our president Barack, and all persons in positions of authority. We pray that through you, these leaders will be resolute in their duties of meeting the basic human needs of all people, of addressing abuses against the less-fortunate, of restoring and creating human and civil rights, and of ending despair wherever it is found, knowing they are called to serve all the children of God; By Your Grace, Hear Our Prayer.

4) We pray for our own families, our own trials, our own needs; we pray for our sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, wives and husbands and partners and friends, acknowledging your role as parent and provider and our role as worker and child. We pray for sustained health, clarity of mind, and determination of soul. We pray for your help in all these parts and parcels of our lives as children of God; By Your Grace, Hear Our Prayer.

5) We give praise and thanksgiving, for where we live, for who we know, for our forms of employment, retirement, entertainment, worship, and rest. We give thanks for the gifts of hospitality, education, comfort, and companionship. In our abundance, we also pray for those
in need, the sick of Advent Church, for [names go here], and for those other concerns we now address by word or in silence, [time goes here]; we pray as a family for a fulfillment of their health and needs; By Your Grace, Hear Our Prayer.

6) We also give thanks and offer prayers for those no longer among us, with whom we have shared our lives and hopes in this temporal place, especially remembering [Advent names go here], and all those, whoever they might be, whether by name or in silence, [time goes here]; we pray that all may one day be together as children of God; By Your Grace, Hear Our Prayer.

Conclusion of Prayers by Celebrant.
O God we pray with the innocence of our childhood, the knowledge of our present being, and the great hope of our future, that as a shepherd you guide us beside still waters, as a parent you protect us from harm and hurt, and by your goodness and mercy bring us together as one to share with Christ your son our eternity forever, Amen.

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