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737 - the answers to 734's trivia

I've rarely posted a trivia game that didn't draw answers from at least two regular readers here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606.  But the game offered at the end of post #734 had only one contestant, so, despite not fully answering all of the questions, and skipping the bonus in its entirety, the winner of the quiz is Michael Garton, known in some circles as Eli.

Here is the quiz, followed by his answers, followed by my answers -

1.  I mentioned "Fourth Street" above.  Where was that?  What was the name of the building where "Fourth Street" was housed? Michael offered the answer of Democratic HQ, then amended his answer with the Brennan Building, formerly the Vienna Restaurant, which is a correct answer.  Brennan was the name of a family of donors to the local Democratic Party in the early to mid 20th century.  Read up on the Vienna Restaurant, one of Louisville's finest dining establishments at one time.  The building was leveled to make way for the Cowger Garage at 4th and Market.  Also leveled in that project was The Decanter Lounge, around the corner from HQ, and a longtime local watering hole for local pols. 

2.  The 45th District, once in Jefferson County, is now in Fayette County.  Who was the last Jefferson County Democrat to serve as 45th District State Representative? Michael correctly answered Dottie Priddy, whose life and death are memorialized in an entry on the day of her death, June 30, 2008.  See

3.  I mentioned Fibber McGee's Tavern in Okolona.  For whom was it named and why does the answer have anything to do with the answer to Question #3? Michael's answer was incorrect.  Bill "Fibber" McGee was a tavern owner and politician in Okolona in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.  His last race for State Representative was against Dottie Priddy, which he lost.  He successfully ran for the State Senate, representing the 19th District, in the early 1980s.  See

4.  I mentioned Governor Brown and Lieutenant Governor Stovall, who were opponents in the 1979 race.  Who was Governor Brown's lieutenant governor running mate in 1979 and, as a bonus, what do the two of them - Brown and his running mate - have in common as far as subsequent races in Kentucky for lieutenant governor? Michael correctly identified Martha Layne Collins as Brown's running mate.  But he skipped the bonus question about Brown, Collins, and subsequent races for lieutenant governor.  The bonus answer is each of their sons unsuccessfully sought the office of lieutenant governor, Steve Collins in 1991 and John Y. Brown III in 2003.

5.  I mentioned that Governor Brown's Republican opponent was Louie B. Nunn.  Who was the Republican nominee for lieutenant governor that year?   As a note, while this person lost that race, they presently serve in one of the most powerful positions of anyone in Kentucky. Michael's answer of Kentucky Congressman Harold "Hal" Rogers, Republican of the 5th District, is correct.  After losing the race in 1979, the next year Rogers won the congressional seat, and has held it ever since, running unopposed in six of his elections.  He is the longest serving Kentucky Republican elected to a federal office and is currently chair of the House Appropriations Committee, one of the most powerful positions in the federal government.

5.  This year's convention will be held at the State Fairgrounds, a name eschewed by state government officials.  What is the official name, according to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, for this Louisville venue?  Michael's answer is correct - the Kentucky Exposition Center.  It is a PR move to get away from the provincial sounding "Fairgrounds."  I spent the day today at the "Fairgrounds" and typically refer to the venue as the "Fairgrounds" because it is where we hold the Kentucky State Fair, which this year will be held August 16 through August 26.

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