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P4. The fourth in a series of Prayers, November 21, 2010

(See entry 736 for an explanation)


READER:  O God, we seek your guidance in bringing light to these closing times and shortened days, praying O Lord of Righteousness, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for the worlwide church of your followers wherever they are in their life's journey.  We pray for the leaders of your church, of this church, these shepherds of the Lord who shall execute justice and seek righteousness.  In the Anglican Communion, we pray for The Church of Bermuda.  We pray for Saint Alban's Church, Fern Creek, in the Diocese of Kentucky.  We pray for Saint Therese Catholic Church in the Highland Community Ministries.  We seek successes and thanksgiving for all the children of God, praying O Lord of Righteousness, Hear Our Prayer.

Knowing it is you God who makes war to cease, spears to shatter, and bows to break, we pray now for our own Nation and all the nations of the world.  We seek peace, justice, humility, and reconciliation amongst ourselves and our neighbors.  We seek for our newly elected leaders the patience and resolve to deal wisely with the issues facing our country and our world, and that they will know that you are a very present help in times of trouble.  Grant to these leaders a sense of faith in their fellow Americans and a hope for our future generations, as we say O Lord of Righteousness, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for all the people of the world, believers and non-believers, those who govern and those who are governed, and especially those in harm's way serving their countries in uniform in wars and missions throughout the world, asking O Lord of Righteousness, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for our neighborhood, our city, and our state, as we approach Advent and the Christmas season, aware that many cannot share in the happiness of the times, and that we as a church community will open our hearts and minds and billfolds to those less fortunate, to those who seek help from our pantries, for those who seek help from our charitable giving, and for those whose lives we may never touch but who are nonetheless closeby and unseen, calling O Lord of Righteousness, Hear Our Prayer.

We pray for those in need of a healing touch, a warming hand, a consoling word, or a considerate heart.  We pray especially for those on Advent's prayer list [names go here], asking they may be granted a share in the light, a renewed spirit, and a strengthened soul, declaring O Lord of Righteousness, Hear Our Prayer.

We also pray for those who have left the present place and time for the holy habitation of the eternal saints.  We pray for the deceased of Advent Parish [names, if any, go here], for our friends and family no longer among us, and for all those who have died, hoping for them the Paradise of Heaven, saying O Lord of Righteousness, Hear Our Prayer.

CELEBRANT:  O Lord, our shepherd, our stronghold, and our strength, we pray you hear these prayers of your people seeking your intercession, desiring your mercy, and trusting in your righteousness, always and forever, AMEN

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