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P3. The third in a series of prayers - October 3, 2010

OCTOBER 3, 2010

READER:  O Father, we know you are always ready to hear us.  We cry to you for help, seeking a right spirit, responding to God of Mercy, Grace, and Abundance, Increase Our Faith.

1)  We pray this morning for all the people of the world, of different races and nationalities, faiths and concerns, for believers and non-believers.  We pray for leaders of governments, for laborers of fields and factories, for planners and thinkers in offices and universities, and for the youngest of children who will one day serve as leaders of their church, college, community, or country, praying God of Mercy, Grace, and Abundance, Increase Our Faith.
2)  We pray for the family of Christ’s followers in our time.  In the Anglican Communion, we pray for the Church of Wales.  In the Diocese of Kentucky, we pray for Saint Mary’s Church, Madisonville and their rector, the Reverend Candyce Loescher.  In the Highland Community Ministries, we pray for Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, for those from Saint Andrew’s who have joined us in worship this morning, and for their commitment to the new Academy at Saint Andrew’s, praying God of Mercy, Grace, and Abundance, Increase Our Faith.

3)  We pray for the unmet needs of the people in our community – those whose lives are sometimes lived entirely in our streets, vacant buildings, highway underpasses, and other places unseen by most.  For those who seek shelter and food from strangers and others, and for those who come through the doors of our churches in need, we seek your vision in addressing their concerns, knowing we may never fully understand their plight but that they like us are sisters and brothers, a part of your family, praying God of Mercy, Grace, and Abundance, Increase Our Faith.

4)  We pray for the sick and needy of Saint Andrew’s and Advent, asking your help and healing touch for these women and men here entrusted to you, for [names go here], seeking to restore their souls, spirits, and health, praying God of Mercy, Grace, and Abundance, Increase Our Faith.
5)  We pray for those friends and family, and others known only to you, who’ve passed from this life and world into the eternity we know has been prepared for all of us, for the deceased of Saint Andrew’s and Advent, especially [names go here, if any].  We may add now our own prayers, in silence or aloud.  [Time goes here].  Praying God of Mercy, Grace, and Abundance, Increase Our Faith.

CELEBRANT:  O God, we put our trust in you, committing to your ways, seeking your righteousness to be made as clear as the light, knowing that grace, mercy, peace, and abundance comes from you our Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.  Amen.

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