Saturday, June 2, 2012

P2. The second in a series of Prayers - September 5, 2010


Reader:  We call upon Heaven in thanksgiving for what we have and with humility for what we seek, praying God of Grace, Hear Us.

We call upon Heaven seeking peace, desiring good and great things for all the people of the world and for the world itself, and asking for God’s blessing upon his church, and especial guidance for our new Bishop Terry White, praying God of Grace, Hear Us.

We call upon Heaven to address the needs of The Episcopal Church of the Sudan within our Anglican Communion, and the Department of Justice and Jubilee Ministries within the Diocese of Kentucky, and for Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church within the Highland Community Ministries, knowing the labor of these women and men of God are just and good, praying God of Grace, Hear Us.

We call upon Heaven giving thanks for our nation and its leaders.  We pray for President Obama and for all in positions of power, that you will grant to them wise counsel and adherence to your will, praying God of Grace, Hear Us.

We call upon Heaven to celebrate our national holiday, Labor Day, a day of rest for all who labor and work to fulfill the Kingdom of God here in our temporal home.  We also pray for that same day of rest for our world, the Earth.  We seek the understanding of the limits of resources our Earth can deliver, and acknowledge that we must give back, caring for this place as we would care for ourselves, praying God of Grace, Hear Us.  

We call upon Heaven for deliverance from all affliction, strife, and need.  We seek to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and provide for the needy, wherever and whoever they may be.  We pray for those travelling this holiday weekend that their journeys be safe and happy.  We pray for those in prisons and hospitals, and especially for our Armed Services throughout the world.  We pray for our Parish, our Rector Tim, our Deacon Eva, our Vestry, and all who labor for the needs of Advent Church.  We ask also for your healing hand upon [Advent names go here], praying God of Grace, Hear Us.

We call upon Heaven to accept into your Kingdom all those who have died, all Children of God, especially [Advent names go here], that in this final home we may all joyfully celebrate our fellowship as your Daughters and Sons forever, praying God of Grace, Hear Us.

Celebrant:  God of mercy and grace, hear these prayers of your people, judging them with reason and thoughtfulness, and grant to us our needs to better serve you and one another.  Amen.

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