Monday, October 20, 2014

SB-101. Pulaski County.

#101 is PULASKI COUNTY (named for US Brig. Gen. Kazimierz Pulaski; county seat is Somerset). Where do you eat & who do you visit?‪#‎KY120Game‬
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  • Matt Erwin Captain D's. Brian Wilkerson's house.
  • Matt Osborne I've always heard the Nancy Fire Department Fish Fry is the place to be!
  • Les Fugate Not a ton of local places in the county, but during my 1 year living there I found some. I like Life is Sweet Cafe, Ammon's, and there was another little place downtown but I can't recall the name. There was also a home cooking place that was in a facility that was 1/3 laundry mat, 1/3 grocery, and 1/3 restaurant called The Village. Word is that they do not have the restaurant part any more but I haven't confirmed that. It was delicious and was my "go to place" for home cooking while I was there. For "high-end" eats, you have to swing by The Harbor. Gotta see Chris Girdler and Katherine's boss Mark Haney and his brother while I am in town. The Haney's own the famous Haney's Apple Orchard and have the best fried apple pies known to man. Perfect way to end any visit to the county. Also, gotta pop in to see my buddies in Congressman Rogers' office and at the Center for Rural Development.
  • Marc Wilson I'm calling on the Queen of Pulaski Hilda Legg and taking her to dinner wherever she wants.
  • Katie Mueller My Aunt Pat lives in Somerset (my dad's sister). She makes the best biscuits and gravy this side of the moon. I'm going directly to her house and will promptly gain 15 pounds...15 pounds of butter-laden happiness!
  • Jeff Noble Been there a lot but don't really know anyone. So, for fun, I'm going to try to drive through all five legislative districts in Pulaski learning which precincts are in which district and wondering "how does that happen?"
  • Wes Wright We'll visit Shane's friends and former colleagues from Somerset Community College, including Mary Taylor Huntsman. Baxter's Coffee and ElTaxco would be on the list.
  • Elmer J. George Jr. Allen Price and restaurant out in Science Hill area. Can't remember the name. We had a great meeting there a few years ago with voters in former 24th district
  • Katie Mueller You know what I love about this game? All the counties waver in and out of political/work connections and families about equal. Judge Executive so-and-so is just as common as grandma/Aunt Floss, etc. 
  • Jennifer Cummins I would visit my sister, Megan Belcher, and my brother in law Aaron at Belcher Chiropractic for an adjustment and then I hope she would take me to her home and feed me something healthy.
  • Benham Sims The original land grant for the area was given to a man with the last name Handsford who fought in the Revolutionary War. If I am remembering correctly he married one Daniel Boone's sisters. His great great great.....grandson is Gov. John Y Brown. On the Inman side of the family-John Y.'s mother

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