Monday, October 20, 2014

SB-103. Rockcastle County

#103 is ROCKCASTLE COUNTY (named after the Rockcastle River; county seat is Mount Vernon). Where do you eat & who do you visit? ‪#‎KY120Game‬
— with Jared Smith and 18 others.
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  • Sara Luna Osborne We would go watch Matt's granddad in the show at Renfro Valley, but I don't remember where we ate while we were there.
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  • Matt Osborne Going to Renfro Valley for my country music fix and check in with Susan Tomes Laws on where to eat.
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  • David McCauley Not a lot of great choices here, but we do have a few new locations in the past year, Limestone Grille at exit 62/I-75 and Marcella's Farm to Fork just off US 150 on 2750 and then there's the Back Porch at Lake Linville Boat Dock, also there's Derby City Truck Stop for Breakfast however there is not a no smoking section.
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  • Travis M. Scott Renfro Valley, which is beloved by everyone except Canadian Hipster Travel writers. Matt Osborne knows what I'm talking about.
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  • Jeff Noble Nothing here. They have one of those '60s-era plain brick court houses (unless they've erected a new Judicial Center). It you stand to the southwest of it, you can get the hill in the background for a pretty good picture, looking east on southbound US25.
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  • Danny Ford Limestone Grille is good The Lodge or M arcellas are also good country food. The boat dock has good barbeque. Rockcastle was named for a large rock near Livingston shaped like a castle
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  • Travis T Burton Lots of good food and lots of good people! No matter the time of day both can be found at Dari Delite in Brodhead. If you are coming through on a Saturday you'll also get some complimentary live music.
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  • Robin Webb Renfro Valley is great. I show horses at Brodhead and I visit the Jerry Cox Law Office and the Dr. David Bullock family. I like to practice law there.
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  • Jeff Noble

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