Monday, September 1, 2014

SB-53. Hickman County.

#53 is HICKMAN COUNTY (named for War of 1812 military officer Paschal Hickman; county seat is Clinton). Where do you eat & who do you visit with? #KY120Game — with Charlotte Flanary and 17 others.
  • Kaycie Robertson likes this.
  • Kathy Jo Stubblefield I'd call Betty Morrow and Ivan and Mary Potter and rely on their recommendation for dining.
  • Travis M. Scott I'd call Betty Morrow, Judge Pruitt and Marci Ann Rudolph if she's in town.
  • Matt Osborne Yep. I certainly need to plan a Purchase road trip. I can't recall ever being to Hickman County.
  • Michael Garton I stayed in Hickman County - specifically the city of Clinton - with a family friend Liz Jewell and Ira Simmons, while attending this year's Fancy Farm picnic. Food: Nicky's BBQ is the best choice for that, but Ruby Faye's will not disappoint and is a more conventional restaurant. Most fooding seems to actually begin at Greg's IGA. A trip to Fulton County and the city of Hickman, KY would not be complete without venturing to Hub's Restaurant. There you can get wonderful oysters for 75¢ apiece, a great steak or prime rib. If you're interested, they also have both kinds of wine.
  • Chad Aull I would add a trip to Columbus-Belmont state park. Beautiful view from the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River.
  • Jeff Noble 75 cent oysters and both kinds of wine? I may need to make a road trip. Wait, I was just down there. Agree with Chad on the visit to the park. For those who might be familiar with Hickman history, I have always been curious about the Oakton Academy building near the intersection of 123 and 239. I discussed it on my blog at entry #643 in 2010. Can anyone tell me something about it?
  • Charlotte Flanary Betty Morrow. That's all I've got.
  • Will Cox Go see Judge/Exec Greg Pruitt, Mary and Ivan Potter, and hit the BBQ joint on the south side of town after going to the state park to see the chain across the Mississippi River.
  • Marci Ann Rudolph Hang with my dad, Judge Pruitt (tell him hello for me :)). Eat at Ruby Fayes. Visit the park and eat a corn dog while you are there. I would say historically Charles Blair would be one to sit down with.

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