Monday, September 1, 2014

SB-68. Lewis County

#68 is LEWIS COUNTY (named for Louisiana's 2nd Governor Meriwether Lewis; county seat is Vanceburg). Where do you eat & who do you visit? #KY120Game — with Charlotte Flanary and 18 others.
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  • Matt Osborne It's odd, since I have so much family in Carter County, but I've only been to Lewis once and didn't eat. I'd have to solicit the help of Robin Webb.
  • Steve Brown isn't today a holiday?
  • Robin Webb I love Lewis county!!
  • Julia Bright Crigler Jill York the one and only. The tea place downtown in Vanceburg
  • Travis M. Scott Go to the bank/BP/McDonalds. That's all I have. Danny Kyle Prater might have more.
  • Jill York me some Lewis County! Kenny's Restaurant over on the river -- dine in restored house where each room has its own charm and appeal. Tuck yourself into a booth at Chiggers for a handmade milkshake and some deep fried pickles. Out Tollesboro way, the breakfasts and talk at the Dixie Cafe are top notch. T-City Pizza makes a killer sandwich and has lots of them to choose from. Headed toward Garrison? Got to get a burger with all the fixings at the service station snack bar. Plus my pals at Roe's Grocery have never EVER let me leave there hungry -- great deli and super people!
  • Matt Erwin It's Labor Day Sherman. Go eat a burger.
  • Marc Wilson Dixie Cafe is a must do stop on any campaign. I'm popping by to see Bill Tom Cooper because he's got his finger on the pulse of Lewis County.
  • Lucille Nunnelley Holly, I was born and reared in Vanceburg, and I thought it was the "hub of the world" when I was growing up. Swimming in the creeks, waterskiing on the Ohio River, walking everywhere, great family and friends, wonderful teachers. Bill Tom Cooper's name keeps popping up and you would do well to look him up. If you do, tell him Lucille Lee says hello.
  • Sherman A. Brown Matt - is that an invite? Only if it's an "Alex burger" is on the grill. They are the best in your house!

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