Monday, September 1, 2014

SB-61. Knox County

#61 is KNOX COUNTY (named for US Secretary of War, General Henry Knox; county seat is Barbourville). Where do you eat & who do you visit? #KY120Game — with Charlotte Flanary and 17 others.
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  • Matt Osborne Don't know too much about Knox County, but I will never forget Eddie Jacobs getting pulled over in the campaign vehicle in 2007.
  • Charlotte Flanary I would visit Herman Mccreary and other members of the DEC. I got nothing on where to eat. Typically I am just passing through so grab a fast food sandwich (yuk).
  • Jeff Noble Heck, Barbourville you can't even pass through without some work as 25E carries you around the eastern side with ease. When I was through a couple of months ago, the turnoff into town (KY11, Boone Drive I think) was closed for reconstruction. Still, it is a neat and crisp little town complete with a small college so there has to be somewhere to eat. There are some fast food places just south of town on 25E.
  • Daniel Tatum Barboursville or Barer'ville as the locals call it has a Hardee's. That's about it.
  • Wes Wright I know Corbin lies partly in Knox County (also partly in Whitley and Laurel). Looks like the Depot on Main lies right on a county line, so I'm picking the Depot and its Chocolate Lava Cake. If I'm buzzed/disqualified, someone please let me know what county the Depot and the Col. Sanders Museum lie in, so I can have my picks ready for Laurel and Whitley Counties.
  • JoEtta Y. Wickliffe Waiting for Mercer! Enjoying this series!
  • Katie Mueller Oof. I gots nothin'.
  • Travis M. Scott Union College is there, so I would call Amanda Fickey and get her advice.

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