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SB-69. Lincoln County

#69 - LINCOLN COUNTY (name for the 1st US Secretary of War Benjamin Lincoln; county seat is Stanford). Where do you eat & who do you visit? ‪#‎KY120Game‬
— with Will Carle and 18 others.
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  • Travis M. Scott I'd go see TJ Hill and then go play some Bluegrass with Charlie Fields and Tom Bentley.
  • Sara Luna Osborne The Kentucky Depot is my favorite restaurant stop in Stanford.
  • Jeff Noble I'd call on my old friend from the KYDs, David Gambrel, the current and future PVA - he is unopposed in November, and go from there. As a note, the last time I exercised my right as a licensed fisherman was in Lincoln at the relatively new Cedar Creek Lake. Some trivia - what is the connection with the name of a very short lane which straddles the Shelby/Franklin line and a location in Lincoln?
  • David Gambrel Come on down...Ky Depot is excellent place to eat as is the Bluebird Diner in downtown. Also have two self-guided Civil War history tours you can take anytime. Travis M. Scott are you aware of the fact that TJ Hill's late wife Cindy was a cousin to Charlie Fields? Also have beautiful guest homes now in downtown Stanford.
  • Travis M. Scott I am aware that TJ and Charlie are somehow kin, but never was sure how. I used to play upright bass in a band with Charlie and Tom back in 2009-2010.
  • Matt Osborne My first home run in a high school baseball game was at Lincoln County and my mom spent many years teaching in the Lincoln County School system, so I initially got to know Lincoln through that and going to events at the William Whitley House. Random tidbit about the William Whitley House, since he did not like British customs, he laid out his racetrack opposite of the British tracks and raced counterclockwise as we do today. I now fish Cedar Creek Lake some and stop at the Bluebird when I can. Jeff Noble, I don't know the relation, but have always been curious about the Crab Orchard Lane in Graffenburg, what is the story?
  • David Gambrel Travis M. Scott Charlie just lives around the corner from me. He is a fine man. A few years ago he lost a finger in a saw mill accident so he now plays with the other hand
  • Jeff Noble Matt for the win. The name Crab Orchard, in Lincoln County, is one of the oldest place names in Kentucky, showing up on maps as early as 1765, not as a town but a place, an orchard. It was on an old buffalo trail which made a fork at Crab Orchard on one end, still there where Stanford Street breaks off from Main Street, and essentially followed US150 to Harrodsburg and then US 127 to just north of Lawrenceburg, then KY151 to Graefenburg where it joined the Midland Trail, US60, at another fork., The Crab Orchard Lane in eastern Shelby and western Franklin dates to the early 1800s as part of that road, the "Road to Crab Orchard." Here is a link to Filson's 1784 map of Kentucky which shows the route. Good answer, Matt.

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