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SB-76. Madison County

#76 is MADISON COUNTY (named for 4th US President James Madison; county seat is Richmond). Where do you eat & who do you visit? ‪#‎KY120Game‬
— with Jared Smith and 18 others.
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  • Chad Aull My beautiful wife Marisa FitzGerald Aull is from Madison County. Visit Mae Suramek , Lee Murphy, Kim O'Connor Murphy. Eat at Boone Tavern.
  • Marisa FitzGerald Aull Eat at Papalenos, visit the Suramek Mullikin family, hang out with anyone in Berea ( we're cool like that) and if you live in Madison Co - vote for Michael S Cope for senate
  • Travis M. Scott 1. In Berea, I'd go to PapaLenos and the Boone Tavern and meet with Mae Suramek and, if they're in town, Marisa FitzGerald Aull, Christian J. Motley , Julie Stewart and Danielle McIntyre.

    2. In Richmond, I'd visit Dale Emmons, Dr. Jason Marion and Ray Arnold. My favorite haunt when I lived there was a place called Madison Garden.
  • Mae Suramek Party at Mae Suramek's house if you come to Madison County!!!
  • Elmer J. George Jr. Dale Emmons is who I'd visit and eat wherever he suggest
  • Christian J. Motley I'm getting coffee at Purdy's with Ray Arnold and getting dinner at Papaleno's. Id check if Mae is free. Also I'm due to talk ed updates with Dreama Gentry.
  • Marc Wilson I'm checking in with Ed Worley and probably grabbing chick Fil a
  • Ray Arnold We have a deep bench here in Madison County of people to visit. My personal mentors include Rep. Rita Smart, former Senate leader Ed Worley, Richmond's city manager Jimmy Howard, Mayor Jim Barnes, Commissioners Robert Blythe, Donna Baird, Laura King (former President of the Democratic Women's Club), and Jim Newby (former WWF British Bulldog), Former Mayor Bill Strong has a wealth of good stories he likes to share, Dale Emmons, Forniss Parks, Estelle Bayer (Democratic Women's Club president), Marc Robbins, JT Gilbert, John Lackey (who is always fun and has unconventional insights), Bobby John Harris, Lee Murphy (and his lovely wife and family), Bethany Goad McGuffin, Brooks Stumbo, Jason Morgan, George Begley, Judge Kent Clark and many others. My network in Berea is not as strong but Mayor Steven Connelly is a fine fellow and I do not know why Mae and I have not become BFFs yet. We even have a good group of Republicans but I won't say their names as to not raise their name ID.
  • Ray Arnold I would recommend eating at Thai Smile as you have likely tried to one in Frankfort and only an elite group have eaten at both. Richmond's downtown can compete with any downtown in America: Main St features: Cafe Meeples (featuring the largest collection of board games at any restaurant in America that you can play while eating) Babylon for Greek food and world class Gyros (tell Solomon (the owner) that you are in politics, he used to own a successful catering company in DC and will tell you how you are living your life wrong), Purdy's Coffee, Mexi Hollywood, Tsing Tao Chinese, the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub (my bar of choice), and even a Jimmy Johns frequented by a number of political luminaries including Alison Grimes. Off Main we have Madison Gardens, now the oldest bar in town, Jackson's Restaurant (great home cooking), and a number of up and coming places. With all these options in Richmond and my propensity to like being able to walk everywhere I do not get down to Berea very often but their downtown is just as good. There is a gas station in Big Hill that is a great place to grab ice cream before or after hiking at the Pinnacles. In Newby there is a perfectly restored country store that is worth checking out (to get there turn off Tates Creek at the Million Bible Church).
  • Katie Mueller Gonna defer to Christian J. Motley on this one, and happily.
  • Ray Arnold Visit the Valley View Ferry (on Tates Creek between Lexington and Richmond-I call this the Gentleman's way to get to Lexington), Fort Boonesborough State Park, the Pinnacles in Berea are amazing for a hike, multiple hidden caves, Richmond has produced several Governors and their houses can be looked at, a Supreme Court Justice was from Richmond, our Courthouse was not burned during the Civil War and is full of historical interest (Henry Clay, President Clinton, President Johnson, William Jennings Bryan, Ray Arnold and many others have given stirring speeches from its steps), the Bluegrass Army Depot can be toured if you call ahead and is fascinating in a number of ways, downtown Richmond has the largest PawPaw tree in the world (and the location is a secret), you can visit the birthplace of Kit Carson, and we have one of the finest sections of Kentucky River Gorge in the world. Speaking of Gorges we have a place to put in boats right across the river from where the Red River converges with the Kentucky river. This is only a short list.
  • Colmon Elridge I am partial to Madison County! It's where I met my awesome better half, Victoria! Richmond has changed a lot since we were there but I would recommend The Dinner Bell in Berea (Big Colmon loved that place), Apollo Pizza (Richmond), Fong's (I'm looking at you Lee Murphy), and Hasting's for awesome Chai Tea! I would visit Representative Rita H. Smart, Ray Arnold, Lee & Kim O'Connor Murphy, Ruth-Bob Murphy-Brown, Dale Emmons, Bethany Goad McGuffin, and the parents of Frank McAninch! Just to start...
  • Jeff Noble Beth Bissmeyer, Dale Emmons. Historic Boone Tavern Hotel & Restaurant of Berea College. Ray Arnold mentioned almost everything I might have with one exception. He missed White Hall and its Lion, Cassius Clay, one of Kentucky's most interesting characters.
  • Travis M. Scott Marc, I'm noticing a trend with you and Chick-fil-A.
  • Christian J. Motley Hey Travis, Ray is proving why he's my check in. lol
  • Elmer J. George Jr. Too many good friends to list in Richmond.
  • Ray Arnold We also have a great State Senate candidate in Michael S Cope. We sure would appreciate it if you went to his website and helped him out.
    Kentucky State Senate
  • Kathy Jo Stubblefield I'll take my Madison County meal at Boone Tavern!
  • Judy Taylor Hangars in Richmond may be one of the best kept secrets in Central Kentucky. The food is phenomenal as is service. Great Caesar salad and sea bass that is scrumptious.
  • Bethany Goad McGuffin Well, I'm probably visiting my couch. Lol it often feels like my best friend.
    Some great little known secrets here: Paddy Wagon is the popular watering hole with a huge deck and every beer you never knew about but their food is AMAZING. Personally, I recommend the Guineas Beer Cheese Burger.
    White Hall Mansion is a vision - and considered to be one of the most haunted places in the U.S. I was married on its front lawn. Lee Murphy had quite a bit of fun offering rewards to the teens who made it all the way around the house at night. Only one made it...With some very "unexplained" photos.
    In July, you can usually catch an excellent outdoor Shakespeare play done by Madison Co.'s nonprofit theatre group, Rose Barn Theatre troupe. Sometimes, the Treasurer's press secretary is in them.
    If you love hiking and nature, The Pinnacles are for you. Boone Tavern is cool, but Representative Rita H. Smart owns a beautiful B&B in one of the most beautiful and historic homes in Madison Co.
    Nuevo Vallarta is arguably the best Mexican in town. If you speak Spanish, you usually only pay for one margarita, no matter what. !Por favor, disfruta responsablemente!
    Hastings is the best place on earth on a bad day. It's like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Spencers and every movie you want to buy in rent in one place. Plus they buy and sell gently used movies and books. It's Amazon in real life.
    EKU football tailgating is fun but if you haven't done it with Ruth-Bob Murphy-Brown, then you haven't done it. They have an RV, satellite HDTV to watch nationally aired games, amazing food that even campus police can't resist, and the best political & philosophical conversation you'll ever have, with professors, politicians and a lot of international friends. Plus, they almost always have Tailgate Toby, the adorable Jack Russell/Beagle (but I'm partial).
    Apollo's is a staple, which everyone knows, and the bread sticks are amazing. But that famous bread stick saran wrap method was invented by my husband when he was a delivery man in the 80s. Scott McGuffin is practically a Richmond hero.
    Home Congratulations to the cast of Rosebarn’s entry in the 2014 KTA Community Theatre Festival. Rusty Rechenbach...
  • Beth Bissmeyer Sherman, do you have any plans to compile the suggestions and stories from people? I'm really digging reading what's come out of this little game.
  • Sherman A. Brown I have been told that I should do something with it. Trying to figure out if it's as simple as a blog/site or as big as a coffee table book...?
  • Travis M. Scott The trick would be to visit these places, eat the food, take pictures, and then make the coffee table book.
  • Sara Luna Osborne I volunteer to be one of the taste testers for the book.
  • Katie Mueller Coffee table book would be (possibly) a niche market, but it would be a LOT of fun, and funny as all get out.
  • Kathy Jo Stubblefield At the least, you should do a restaurant guide. Maybe you could get Ky Tourism to publish it and list everyone as "contributors" or "food critics".

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