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SB-84. Mercer County

#84 is MERCER COUNTY (named for Brigadier General Hugh Mercer; county seat is Harrodsburg). Where do you eat & who do you visit? ‪#‎KY120Game‬
— with Jared Smith and 18 others.
  • Charlotte Flanary Neila and Virgil Monroe.
  • Marc Wilson I'm saying hi to Kimberly Paige Murphy King and Cary M King and eating where they tell me to go.
  • Matt Osborne The first place I ever lived! Have to make food stops at Shaker Village, Beaumont Inn and the Village Inn in Burgin. There used to be a little deli downtown I think called the Blue Ribbon Deli. We took Mary T. there after she did a swim camp in Danville.
  • Elmer J. George Jr. The Monroes and David Taylor.
  • Matt Osborne And I'm going to need some backup from someone on this because I can't tell if it's a real memory from my childhood or something I dreamt later, but there was a cheese store by the railroad tracks that had two sets of stairs leading up from the sidewalk. Just hoping I haven't gone mad!
  • Julia Bright Crigler I'm with Marc...Kimberly Paige Murphy King and wherever she sends us!
  • Sara Luna Osborne Burgin Burgers, buffet at the Beaumont Inn, Shaker Village for food, hiking, and so much more. I'm calling Jack Coleman and Amy Dedman if I get lost or need more suggestions!
  • Marcheta Sparrow I'd eat at the KY Fudge Company and visit with JoEtta Y. Wickliffe, when she's in town. Yes, Matt there was a cheese factory by the railroad tracks. Folks can also stop by and see me, if I am in town.
  • Wes Wright I'd go on a Saturday, have lunch and a great cocktail at the Old Owl Tavern, dinner (with reservations of course) at Shaker Villege, and Sunday brunch at Beaumont Inn (again, reservations probably required). I'd hope I'd run into Milward Dedman so I could thank him for his time in the legislature.
  • JoEtta Y. Wickliffe Sherman, I have been waiting for this! There is so much to do in this County ! We are the Coolest Place in History to visit! Harrodsburg was settled in 1774 as the First Permanent English Settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains.

    Mercer County is located in the heart of the Bluegrass! We have the Palisades, stone fences scattered thru the countryside along with miles of plank fence of the horse farms.
    You can tour Shaker Village, explore their 3,000 acre Nature Preserve. Visit Old Fort Harrod State Park where the early history is showcased. We have a self guided walking tour and view our architectural buildings. Shop for antiques and handmade crafts along with lunch at many of our down town restaurants.

    Beaumont Inn is a must for fine dinning! Along with their Old Owl Tavern and Eagle Nest Restaurants

    Enjoy a round of Golf at Bright Leaf Golf Course, fish and boat on Herrington Lake,
    horse back riding is available at Shaker Village and Big. Red Stables, just to name a few of the activities available!

    There is something for everyone regardless of age so please visit us soon.
  • Jennifer Cummins Family Affair Restaurant in Salvisa. The pies are to die for!
  • Kimberly Paige Murphy King My back porch is a great place to decompress & enjoy Southern dishes & Southern hospitality!!
  • Rosalind Turner There are lots of good places to eat -- but for visitors to the community I highly recommend Shaker Village, Beaumont Inn and the Kentucky Fudge Company. (I love Friday's luncheon buffet at Beaumont Inn, breakfast at Shaker Village and the great desserts at the Fudge Company.) And, we have lots of local restaurants with great food -- save room for the pie. I think JoEtta gave you most of the tops spots to visit, but there are even more. If you like history and preservation, there is not a better place to visit. The genealogy library operated by the Harrodsburg Historical is awesome. None any better....I could go on and on. Come see us in Harrodsburg!
  • Jeff Noble Mercer is one of the "biggies" in Kentucky history - I've been there a lot. JoEtta Wickliffe, above, covered it all too well. The Beaumont Inn has to be on your list, as do the Palisades on the Kentucky River, Shaker Village, and Fort Harrod. When I was a little kid, my great-grandfather and his family had a place on Herrington Lake in Ashley Camp, a beautiful place.
  • JoEtta Y. Wickliffe Jeff did not know you were familiar with Ashley Camp. That is where I live!
  • Jeff Noble JoEtta, it has changed a lot in the last 45 years since I was a kid with all the new big houses. I could not find my g-grandfather's old place the last time I looked.
  • Rosalind Turner Sherman, now that we are enticing everyone to visit Harrodsburg/Mercer County, I might suggest they stop by or contact the Harrodsburg/Mercer County Tourist Commission, located in the welcome center at Diamond Point -- just as you are entering the city...See More
  • Cary M King Sounds so good, I want to vacation here, Mercer County is truly a wonderful place to visit, even better place to live, we are blessed
  • Jeff Noble

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