Sunday, June 8, 2014

777. Following Sherman Brown's Kentucky Counties Facebook posts

A few days back my friend Sherman Brown began what will be a long series of posts concerning Kentucky's counties.  He is posting, one a day (and apparently skipping weekends) in alphabetical order, the name of a Kentucky county and asking his followers to comment on "who they need to see" and "where they need to eat."  Friday, in a conversation unrelated to the Facebook posts, I asked Sherman's permission to repost his Facebook entries to the blog and he gave me his blessing.

Since these are not my work, we will number them separately with the prefix SB, so the first one, for Adair County, will be listed as SB-1.  I will do my best to keep up with the posting in this effort which, on a personal basis, may inspire me to start writing again on the blog, something I haven't done for several years.

Thanks for your continued reading.  SB-1 will follow shortly.  And thank you, Sherman, for the permission on this project.

  -- Jeff

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