Thursday, June 12, 2014

SB-4. Ballard County

Picking up where we left off...

Day 4: If you are heading to BALLARD COUNTY (Wickliffe, named for Captain Bland Ballard)... What comes to mind, who do you need to call & where would you grab a bite to eat? #KY120Game

(Also - if you don't want to be tagged, just message me. I can leave you off. No hard feelings).
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  • Holly Lynn Harris Call up the Rollins family. Kenny Rollins, a member of the Fab 5 UK bball team, was from Ballard Co. I know this because my dad has at least 10 photos of the Fab 5 and I had to stare at one everyday one summer when I trimmed plaster models in his office...while listening to my dad tell me all their fun facts. Not sure what this little game is...but did I win?
  • Sherman A. Brown Yes - You won.
  • Sherman A. Brown Jeff Noble - you should of been tagged.
  • Les Fugate Love the Hillybilly cafe. Also some good BBQ joints down that way. I miss our yearly county clerk visits because of stops like Ballard County. Lynn Lane is a professional and is beyond hilarious. Good memories!
  • Travis M. Scott Ballard is one of my blind spots. I've only passed through once and then I didn't stop.
  • Jeff Noble Ballard is one of those places I may drive around on the way to or from Fancy Farm but I rarely stop. I did trick my mom and nephew once on a trip, telling them we were going to cover five states in five miles - which we did crossing from Kentucky to Illinois to Missouri along US60-62, turning around at the first gas station in Missouri, and returning back through Illinois into Kentucky along the same route. The confluence of the Mississippi and the Ohio is a sight to behold.
  • Travis M. Scott Jeff Noble, I have only been there twice: once when I was at DLG to meet with the mayor of Wickliffe and once about a month ago while driving back from Missouri. Crossing both rivers is something everyone should do.
  • Marc Wilson Not one of my stops. Next time.
  • Matt Osborne Duck hunting is what you do in Ballard County. It's been a really long time, and they won't remember me, but I'd give the Denton family a buzz.
  • Katie Mueller Man. I got nothing on Ballard. Oof.
  • Julia Bright Crigler Ask Steven Rudy, I think I got lost advancing that one. Advance...not my strength.
  • Kathy Jo Stubblefield The old green gym - haven't been to their new building, but when we played the Ballard Memorial Bombers, whose colors were green and white, you played in a green gymnasium. I can't say that I remember eating in Ballard County; I guess we always stopped in Paducah.
  • Chuck Geveden How did I miss this yesterday! My home county! Kenny Rollins from the fabulous five is actually one of my cousins. I grew up just down the road from his parents. They went to the church I grew up in and I remember them well. Hillbilly CafĂ© is good but we cannot forget the Bluegrass Restaurant out in LaCenter. I still make regular trips to Ballard, especially in the winter time, to duck and goose. Love Ballard County.

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