Friday, June 27, 2014

SB-12. Bracken County

On to #12: BRACKEN COUNTY (Brooksville & Augusta, named for William Bracken). Where do you eat & who do you need to visit there? #ky120game— with Travis M. Scott and 14 others.
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  • Jeff Noble Not much there but let me make a recommendation. Drive along US52 on the Ohio side either east from Cincy or west from Maysville. You can stop and visit the birthplace of President U.S. Grant along the way, which overlooks the Ohio (and thus Kentucky). Make the trip in December and arrive at the Toll Ferry about 4:45 - it closes at 5. Preston and I made this trip crossing the river to Augusta amid a beautiful array of Christmas decorations on the 19th century homes which line East Riverside Drive. It is a wonderful site to behold. Let me add the little collection of homes will remind you of Old Louisville's victorian district with the notable difference being they overlook the river, truly a beautiful location.
  • Julia Bright Crigler Judge Earl Bush and his wife Milly!!! Beautiful county
  • Les Fugate I like the Beehive (I think it has a new name now) and that pub in Augusta that overlooks the river. Some neat views!
  • Marc Wilson Augusta is a great little town. What's the name of that little pub Nick Clooney frequents? The BeeHive or something like that. Definitely Calling Earl Bush who delivered Bracken County in Davis vs. Clooney 04!
  • Danny Plyler Come see me! Augusta Pub and Donna ' s place in Brooksville!
  • Chad Aull Go visit Skip Miller and Miller lumber
  • Katie Mueller The pub overlooking the river...looks like it's called Augusta Pub? That's the first place that rings a bell.
  • Danny Plyler The Beehive is along the river. It is closed. Augusta Pub is just up the block from the Beehive.
  • Wes Wright If the Beehive is closed then the General Store across the street is my spot. Must try to see Nick & Nina Clooney and GEORGE. Nick's study filled with pics of his broadcasting days is wonderful! And Nina's butterscotch pudding is worth the drive!
  • Danny Plyler They are awesome! I will most likely see them tonight. Augusta is just a cool old river town!

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