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SB-7. Bell County. (See entry #777 for an explanation)

7: BELL COUNTY (Pineville & Middlesboro, named for KY SOS & US Rep. Joshua Bell). Who first comes to mind & where do you stop by?#KY120Game — with John Rogers and 13 others.
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  • Travis M. Scott The only place I have ever eaten in Bell County is Ryan's and the Lodge at Pine Mountain State Park. However, there's a lot of good folks down there: S.Bruce Hendrickson, Dick and Sandra Prelopski, Tim Hobart Mills, and many more.
  • Sandy Harston 1986 trip to Pine Mt. State Park in the Sikorsky to advance for Gov. Collins .There was not much room to land that copter so the pilot brought it straight down out of the sky and landed in a roped off area in the parking lot on top of the mountain. I think part of my stomach is still there! We ate at the lodge at the park.
  • Les Fugate As anyone visiting Bell knows, you have to list two of everything ... Pineville and Middlesboro. In Pineville, I like the cafe Flocoe which is near the courthouse. In Middlesboro (city of my birth btw), there is the Conley's Drive-in and the steakhouse place (can't remember the name ... we just call it "the steakhouse." You also have two separate festivals to visit ... Mountain Laurel Festival and the Cumberland Mountain Festival. Also, big shout out toMiddlesboro Coca-Cola Bottling that is located there who produces their own water line ... Cumberland Gap Mountain Spring Water. Delicious. I also recommend a visit to the tri-state marker and pinnacle. Beautiful!
  • Matt Osborne I would like to point out that this county was named for a Danville native and a Centre graduate. Like Travis said, plenty of good folks, but the first that comes to my mind is Dick Prelopski. I'm stopping by the state park for a round of golf at a beautiful course and a quick hike to Chain Rock.
  • Sara Luna Osborne Apparently the best way to get to Bell Co is by helicopter. Last time I was there, the inmates at the forestry camp painted an x in the outfield for us to land on. I love Pine Mountain State Park too!
  • Katie Mueller The Mountain Laurel Festival is truly charming. Pine Mtn. State Park is great, as well. Have to stop by and say hey to Dick, absolutely, and as far as eating, Conley's Dtive-In like Les said. I love Bell County. Gorgeous.
  • Steve Brown In 1976 a 9 month old toddler named Sherman was taken there camping at Pine Mountain State Park by his parents. We luckily happened to go to there at time of Laurel Festival. We went to parade and hiked to Chain Rock with him on our backs. It was like I was in heaven as to how pretty the park was in the morning and to have wife and child there - I still have that picture in my mind. Awesome place !! I still also remember going in some place to ask directions and they were fixing up everything all nice with flowers and I asked what was going on - they said "Laurel Festival and THE GUUUVENUR is coming". The first syllable in governor was slower than....molasses in January.
  • Colmon Elridge Dick Prelopski and Pine Mountain State Park (to visit and to eat)!!!
  • Jeff Noble One of my young childhood friends was Glen Shumate whose family was from Bell County. Long before my political and/or personal visits there, I was in places like Arjay in the north and Cubage and Blacksnake Hollow on the road to Black Mountain to the ...See More
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  • Kathy Jo Stubblefield My only visit to Bell County was with a group of teachers; we spent two days at Bell County High School when we were getting ready to change to a block schedule format. I will always remember their principal, George Thompson. His passion for education permeated the environment at the school. We stayed in cabins at Pine Mountain State Park and ate at the Lodge - wonderful food and amazing scenery.
  • Tim Hobart Mills Pine Mt State Park....KENTUCKY's FIRST State Park...not bad for some mountain folks to demonstrate to the Commonwealth how to build a great State Park system. The Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and our role in history of not just the Commonwe...See More

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