Friday, June 27, 2014

SB-14. Breckinridge County

#14 on our trip to all 120 is Breckinridge County (Hardinsburg, named for US Attorney General John Breckinridge). Who do you want to visit & where do you plan to eat? #KY120Game — with Travis M. Scott and 15 others.
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  • Travis M. Scott This is one of the handful that I have never been to.
  • Matt Osborne I'm not much help here either, I've only been once and didn't eat. I have a couple of fraternity brothers from Hardinsburg, I'd check in with them.
  • Jeff Noble I could tell you a wonderful story about me and my Cuban friend Irvis travelling in my dad's 1968 Cherry Red Mustang convertible returning from Fancy Farm (the old way along US60) when the alternator gave out and we were somewhere in Breckinridge Count...See More
  • Sherman A. Brown Shannon Tivitt - you're ears burning?
  • Shannon Tivitt Many Years ago, people would say to eat at the Bus Station, on Main Street by the Courthouse - full disclosure... My grandmother owned it!
  • Jim Mcgovern Go by my grandfather's house where I grew up, then St. Romuald cemetery to visit my mom and dad, older brother's graves. Visit Mac's Used Furniture and Shoes store site (opened by my father after the war). Not much left in the category of good local eats, so I would eat in Irvington at the ice cream place next to the Green Valley restaurant or stop by a cousin's house.

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