Thursday, June 19, 2014

SB-9. Bourbon County

  • 9: BOURBON COUNTY (Paris, named for House of Bourbon). Who do you need to see, where do you visit, & where do you eat? #KY120Game — withTravis M. Scott and 13 others.
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    • Chad Aull Take a tour of the old court house with judge foley. Also see if you can track down Paige short.
    • Colmon Elridge Paris Pike, just drive and relax. Then head to the drive in, and hit up the Rock restaurant or Jerry's Restaurant!
    • Travis M. Scott Stop by the feed store and see Jackson Tucker. Eat at Paradise Cafe' or Clay's.
    • Matt Osborne I'd drop in to say hello to Louis Prichard then get lost on the back roads dreaming of owning one of the farms. I'd finish the day at Rooster Brew, the new micro brewery.
    • Bob Layton Loch Lea Antiques, 624 Main Street. My mom's antique shop. Bour-Bon restaurant right next door is amazing-as good as anything anywhere in the state.
    • Keith Buckhout Just drive Paris Pike to Houston Oaks and get in a quick 18. Because that's basically what I did Saturday afternoon.
    • Jeff Noble Another drive-thru county for me (usually headed to Maysville) and it is a beautiful drive, especially the Court House Square in Paris. I never take the By-Pass. If I eat at all, it is at a greasy spoon in Millersburg across from the park where there's...See More
    • Chris Poynter Ok, Jeff. Friday, June 27. All day tour of Bourbon County/Paris led by me. Others who wish to join text me at 502-396-2015. Will include a special insiders tour of the courthouse, lunch at my family's farm, behind the scenes at Claiborne Farm and drinks, dinner and shopping on Main Street to cap the evening.

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