Saturday, August 8, 2009

518. Tough or Nuts?

The picture above is of Jack Conway, my friend and Kentucky's attorney general. It was taken with the Columbia University College Democrats in New York City. In the picture he seems like a normal-enough guy. I've hesitated to join in the chorus of people who've questioned Jack's self-identifying language at last week's Fancy Farm Picnic in Graves County. I've known Jack since we were introduced by Denis Fleming one morning at Lynn's Paradise Cafe on Barret Avenue back in 1996. I've always supported Jack in his campaigns and this year is no different. And over the years, I've called him a few names here and there but I've never called him a tough son-of-a-bitch. That's just never been my interpretation of Jack Conway. So I was going to say something.

Then, yesterday, I saw former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on the TV set talking about President Obama having "death panels" to deal with healthcare and I realized that it must be ok for Jack to call himself a tough son-of-a-bitch, even if most of us have never thought of him that way. At least he isn't plain fucking nuts like Governor Palin.


Anonymous said...

As one of your 5 faithful readers I just wanted to reafirm that I enjoy your blog. I also want to congratulate you on dropping the F-bomb after only 518 posts. Talk about sticking up for principals, you rock my friend.

Bruce said...

Jack's mistake was not the phrase he used -- it was trying to be someone / something he is not. Jack is intelligent, informed, and serious. (If I knew him, I'd opine on his character, but I don't so I won't.) Jack is not a red-neck, or someone who cusses reflexively. It was a poorly-planned line, and it fell flat.

Of course, if this is all Mongiardo's camp has, they've got much bigger problems to worry about.

Jim Anderson Stivers said...

I don't wish to demean anyone but this non story has been going on too long. So jack is a son of a bitch and Jeff sees him as perhaps not an SOB. I know Jeff Noble and if he says Jack AIN'T . Then Jack AIN'T.

The fokes at Page One sure like Jack. Probably the best limited media exposure for Mongiardo. Seems Page One feels they have enough public credibility to turn the election due to their wide spread following?

Jack may be OTHER THINGS, but surely he is truly NOT THE SON OF A BITCH. We know that, but maybe he forgot.

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