Saturday, August 22, 2009

523. Political Roadtrip

Making a small journey across to the northeastern side of Kentucky, a side I'm not familiar with. In checking my list, the last time I was in Greenup County (as well as Elliott County) was the summer of 1987, campaigning for then-gubernatiorial candidate Wallace Wilkinson. We won.

Today me and a friend are headed to Raceland High School in Greenup County for a rally, then to Carter County to walk a precinct. All this is for Robin Webb, a candidate for the 18th District Senate seat which will be decided in a Special Election on Tuesday. Robin and I are the same age and we've known each other for 3/5ths of our respective lives. A long time ago, when we were both young Democrats, we were members of the Kentucky Young Democrats. Now we're just young at heart Democrats.

She is currently a member of Kentucky's House of Representatives and is seeking to move to the so-called Upper House which meets at the opposite end of the capital in Frankfort. We need her and a few other Democrats in that chamber, presently lorded over and controlled by Republican Senator David Williams, known not so affectionately as the Bully from Burkesville.

Just as the last entry talked about change in the country, we also need change in our Commonwealth - on so many levels. One place to start is the General Assembly. One day to start is Tuesday.

You can visit Robin's webpage at

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