Thursday, August 27, 2009

528. Yarmuth at the Metro

The Metro Democratic Club played host to Congressman John Yarmuth last night in a meeting at the American Legion Highland Post on Bardstown Road. The regular membership crowd was swelled to 241 people as we were joined by the Jefferson County Democratic Party Executive Committee, about 30 members of organized Labor, and maybe 20 dissidents whose presence was noted by not felt. There were no problems whatsoever.

The congressman was introduced by State Senator Perry Clark, who played an important role in Yarmuth's first election in 2006. Bruce Maples moderated the Q&A period, throwing Yarmuth everything from softballs to curveballs and the congressman answered each one thoroughly. He was on the hot-spot for just over an hour. It was an impressive bit of work and I called the congressman afterward and let him know.

Although the Metro Club's meetings are open to anyone to attend, this was at core a Democratic Club meeting. Congressman Yarmuth began with a memorial salute to the late Senator Edward Kennedy, who is to be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday. And there were congratulations announced on the election of Robin Webb as the newest Democratic state senator in Frankfort, in a seat previously held by a Republican. But for the most part of an hour and a quarter, this was America in its "little-d" democratic best, with a congressman at the front of 241 people, explaining just what the Congress has been doing for the last eight months. And Congressman Yarmuth earned his keep.

The Metro Democratic Club's next meeting is two weeks away on September 9. The guest speaker will be Kyle Cox, the Executive Director of the Kentucky Democratic Party. Doors open at 6 with the program commencing at 6:30. Also, between now and then, Congressman Yarmuth will be conducting his own open-to-the-public and in-person Town Hall meeting, the only member of the eight-person Kentucky Congressional Delegation in either party to do so. His meeting will be September 2, 2009 at Central High School. You can get more details on Yarmuth's Town Hall by calling his Louisville office at 502-582-5129.

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