Tuesday, August 25, 2009

525. A Little Help From My Friends

I want to acknowledge the help I received yesterday staffing the Kentucky Democratic Party booth at the State Fair. I always take a day then ask around for volunteers. Yesterday I was there was 9 to 6, but with the help of my friends, we staffed it from 9 to 9.

I began the morning with Michael Meeks, with whom I serve on the KDP State Central Committee, and Bud Andrews, who is an employee of the State Party. Michael is a lobbyist and lives in the Buechel area. Then came Anne Lindauer, a retired school teacher and librarian, and a resident of the Highlands. Next were two vacationing employees of Jefferson County Attorney Mike O'Connell's office - Allison Amon of Fern Creek and Allison Kern, who lives in the Belmar area right across from the Fairgrounds. Allison Amon also serves on the KDP committee and is the Jefferson County Democratic Party Vice Chair. Akeel Zaheer, a resident of the Strathmore area, was there for most of the afternoon, as was Ben Basil, now a 2nd year law student at U of L. I met Ben in the 2006 Yarmuth campaign. Among other things, he was one of the best canvass organizers I've ever seen. Also working in the afternoon was Deborah Lawther, who serves as the 48th LD Vicec Chair. She tried to sell me some Shaklee products to while away the hours, but I didn't bite - just yet. Jim Stammermann, who lives in the Hikes Point area came along in the evening, as did Matt Erwin, a campaign organizer I met last year. I do not know where Matt and his girlfriend reside. Lindsay Dickinson, now an MD, along with her mother Sandra, arrived for the evening, at which point I had to leave. I was also expecting later in the evening some time from Queenie Averette, from Louisville's West End and also a member of the State Party, as well as a contingent from the Bullitt County Democratic Party led by Debbie Stinson. Thanks again to all of you.

I would say something about the booth itself, or the lack of the booth itself, but I'm trying to figure out a way to do so without being critical and my wordsmithing skills haven't yet found those words. Hopefully by next year we will have located the big booth we own and go back to a more workable booth.

In a different part of the state, today is Election Day for my friend Robin Webb. As I did yesterday, she is today looking for a little help from her friends in the 18th Senate District, a six-county collection of voters in northeastern Kentucky. Good luck to her and the voters of her district.

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