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532. California's Tenth Congressional District - and John Yarmuth's Town Hall Announcement

I've been on the phone making calls to a bunch of people with area codes starting with 925 and 510. They are undecided voters in the Tenth Congressional District of California, an area to the north and east of San Francisco, covering several counties in the low hills out beyond Oakland and stretching over to the suburbs of Sacramento. I'm supporting a young man named Anthony Woods. Here are some talking points from the phone call sheet:

FROM OUR COMMUNITY: Anthony Woods was born and raised in Fairfield---the son of a single mom who worked as a housekeeper. Anthony Woods knows our community and the challenges we’re facing, while his opponents are Sacramento politicians who are squabbling over a job promotion while our state is on the verge of bankruptcy.

• A FIGHTER FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE: Anthony Woods understands our broken healthcare system first hand, because he’s lived the uncertainty of being without health insurance for most of his life. Anthony Woods won’t just vote for Universal Healthcare--he’ll lead the fight for a plan that covers everyone and reduces costs by including a public option in Congress.

• A 21st CENTURY ECONOMY NEEDS A 21ST CENTURY WORKFORCE: Like a growing number of Americans, Anthony Woods grew up without the resources to attend college. He earned a Congressional Appointment to West Point, and through his service to our country, went on to earn his Master’s Degree from Harvard. Anthony understands that to keep America strong and restore our sagging economy, we need to invest in a 21st century workforce. That’s why he’s proposed a National College affordability program, which rewards each year of national service with a year of higher education.

• A LEADER WHO KNOWS THE MILITARY AND A CHAMPION FOR VETERANS: Anthony Woods is the only candidate in this race who knows our military. Woods served two tours in Iraq, earned the Bronze Star for his actions in combat, and brought every soldier under his command home alive. He will fight for the real benchmarks and timelines we need to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the resources we need to ensure our veterans get the care they have earned and deserve when they come home.

• ON EQUALITY, WOODS STANDS ON CONVICTION, NOT POLITICAL CONVENIENCE: Woods’ military career was cut short when he stepped forward to challenge the failed “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy—a policy that is weakening our military, and endangering our security at a cost of hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars. Anthony Woods will fight for the equality of all Americans, because he has lived this battle first hand.


It is the last one which got my attention. Mr. Woods, who I think is 28 or 29, won a congressional appointment/scholarship to West Point where he excelled. He then went to Harvard for a Master's Degree, where he likewise excelled. He then entered the service of the United States, again excelling at everything he did, making two tours of duty in Iraq and earning the Bronze Star.

But, he is gay. And the United States Army discharged him. And, that simply is wrong. Here is a young man contributing to the defense of our nation and its principles, serving two tours of duty in Iraq, only to be "let go."

Tomorrow his name appears on the ballot in the Special Election called by the Governor of California to fill the seat which was vacated by former Congresswoman Elaine Tauscher, who has gone to work for the president. I'm supporting Mr. Woods, even from two thousand miles away here along the Left Bank of the Ohio River near Milepost 606. Very few members of the Congress have his academic credentials. Even fewer have his military credentials. The Congress needs someone like Mr. Woods and I am hopeful for a win tomorrow in California's Tenth Congressional District.


Much closer to home, Congressman John Yarmuth's office put out its press release for their Town Hall meeting on Wednesday. It is copied below.

Congressman John Yarmuth

Representing Kentucky’s 3rd Congressional District



August 31, 2009 MEDIA CONTACT

Trey Pollard 502.582.5129
Advisory: Yarmuth to Hold Health Care Town Hall Meeting this Wednesday

(Louisville, KY) On Wednesday, Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3) will host a traditional town hall meeting on health care reform for constituents of Kentucky’s 3rd Congressional District.

The event will be moderated by radio talk show host Francene Cucinello, of 84 WHAS’ “The Francene Show” and will take place at Central High School, 1130 West Chestnut Street. Priority will be given to Louisville residents who will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. This will be followed by individuals who are not residents of the 3rd Congressional District (subject to room capacity).

Congressman Yarmuth’s district work period schedule has been focused on meetings with doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and other health care providers, small business owners and representatives from large corporations, health insurance representatives, individual consumers and a range of other groups interested in the health care reform. In addition, over 15,000 Louisvillians participated in the Congressman’s three tele-town hall meetings.

Members of the media interested in attending to town hall must RSVP to Congressman Yarmuth’s office by 6pm on Tuesday, September 1. To RSVP, please include “RSVP” in the subject line of an email to and list your name and media outlet.

Who: Congressman John Yarmuth (KY-3)

84 WHAS’ Francene

Constituents of the 3rd Congressional District

When: 6:30pm, September 2, 2009

Doors open at 5pm

Where: Central High School, 1130 West Chestnut Street

United States House of Representatives
435 Cannon House Office Building • Washington, DC 20515
202.225-5401 phone • 202.225.5776 fax

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