Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I received a call from my friend Tim Havrilek in west Kentucky at 1:59 am informing me of the death of United States Senator Edward Moore Kennedy. We had a brief talk about the late senator, one of the great leaders and people of my world. He had been senator since I was just over one year of age.

I suppose I could have gotten up and blogged at the time about the loss but I didn't. I stayed in bed realizing there was very little I could say that someone else wouldn't. I did not know the senator although I met him twice in the 1980s, once here in Louisville at a Kentucky Democratic Party fundraiser at the old Timothy's Restaurant on E. Broadway, and another time at a National Young Democrats event, either in Washington or Philadelphia. I supported him in the 1980 Presidential Primary, my first-ever presidential election. I still have a t-shirt from that campaign, silver lettering on a black shirt which reads "America doesn't need more Peanut Butter," a reference to his peanut-growing opponent, then-President Jimmy Carter.

Still, early this morning there is so much to say and much will be. I am at a loss to write further.

Rest In Peace, Senator Kennedy. You did good and great work for many, many people. May your soul and the souls of all those who have departed find eternal peace. +

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